Batman 1989: The Cereal


This last summer at a flea market I stumbled upon an unopened box of Batman Cereal that came out during the release of the 1989 Batman film. That’s right, a sealed box of breakfast cereal from 1989. Just think about that for a second. Isn’t that super gross? Are you questioning your life choices that lead you to this particular post? I know I am.

I’d never have thought I’d have owned such a thing, but hot damn my love of 1989 Batman burns with a passion that only those fruity poets from the 1800s know! It also kind of helps that that box is double sealed thanks to a free bank that comes with the cereal. The bank is pretty shitty as far as Batman themed merchandise goes, but looks nice attached to the box, I suppose.

I got the box 1989 Batman cereal for the low (some would say high) price of 5 bucks. There was a price tag on it that said 25 and another one that said 5. Creepy knife seller flea market dude that was selling it said that the sticker on the top for $5 was correct, since it was his last one. I don’t get that logic, but there was no way in hell that I’d have paid 25, but for 5 bucks? Worth it!

The box is fairly plain as it mostly showcases the ’89 Batman logo. One of the more interesting things on the box is this:


Batman cereal was put out by Ralston Purina who clearly did not understand the idea of re-branding. That checkerboard logo is synonymous with the Purina dog food in my brain. Still, Ralston was pretty successful in the tie-in cereal business for a number a of years. They put out a ton of licensed cereals that you may fondly remember like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dunkin Donuts, Nintendo, Nerds, Cabbage Patch Kids, and the list goes on and on.

As for what the 1989 Batman cereal tasted like, I remember liking it to an extent. It was one of the things where I loved it because it came in a Batman box, had fun bat shapes, and you could get several mail-away offers from it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been eating it.

The best part about 1989 Batman cereal was the tons of goodies you could get for eating it. Over the course of the year that it was out I got a glow in the dark Batman Frisbee, a poster of the Batmobile with a glow in the dark outline, and some small comic reprints. It was an embarrassment of Batman riches and all I had to do was to eat tons of unhealthy and not very good tasting cereal!

And you really couldn’t beat the commercial for the stuff:

I wonder how awful the cereal would taste now if I were to open it and pour myself a bowl, but I’m not brave enough to open it. Plus, the fun of it is that it’s sealed. It’ll probably melt the box eventually, but until then it’s staying as pure as it was the day it left the dog food factory.

And while I’m not brave enough to taste test it, Food Junk was! Did the good blog master at Food Junk die for his boldness? Go over there and find out!