Back to the Future… the cartoon?


I like to think of myself as something of a power nerd. Therefore I find it nearly unthinkable that I didn’t know about the existence of a Back to the Future cartoon. Perhaps I wiped it from my memory? Or is this just some elaborate hoax designed to make me feel like less of a nerd. If so, I’m not really cool with that.

The crazy thing (for me) was that it ran for a full two seasons before being canceled. How did I miss this?

  • CHR

    It existed, I remember watching it. It was bo-ring as hell (no violence + stupid comedy) and went against Batman and Superman TAS. Go figure.

  • Charles Wahlgren

    It was bad, you probably watched it and then pried the memory from your brain with a dull spoon

  • OK, please rank the 3 films for me.

  • Vincent

    Uh… you mean me Reid? I guess 1, 2, and then 3?

  • huh….the first is something special, and while I’m not someone who hates the 2nd, it would probably be 1,3,2 nonetheless

  • You lose one corner of your nerd card.