Back to the Future: Doc’s Kid is a Pervert

You know, I’ve seen Back to the Future III more than most people have and I never noticed the following, incredibly off putting scene. Doc Brown’s kid is a serious pervert:

How the fuck did nobody catch that in editing? And just seeing that kid’s face is so disturbing. I realize that’s its not the worst thing ever, but the fact that he’s got that “come here” thing with his hand. I think I’m going to take a several hour long shower now and cry.

  • Alex

    To me it just looks like he’s signaling that he has to pee.

  • my friend Kristin showed this to me and I was really surprised that no one ever caught it. I’m sure the previous commenter, Alex, is right and he probably had to pee, but it was totally creepy! The 3rd installment was my least favorite of the series.