Avengers Thoughts! (Spoilers!)

Pretty much the worst movie poster of all time.

Pretty much the worst movie poster of all time.

In another segment of my super late coverage of the Avenger’s movie, I thought I’d share my opinions on the biggest film in the universe. Why are my opinions so important that they need to be on a blog post? Because I’m a thought leader. I lead thoughts. YOUR thoughts!

Anyway, to preserve anyone who hasn’t seen the film, I’ll display my thoughts (good and bad) via bullet point style after the jump!

Things that I loved:
  • The interactions between heroes like Cap and Iron Man, Hulk and Iron Man, etc. It was really well written and acted. Everyone’s personalities were captured and worked well with and against each other.
  • Hulk. Man, as much as I liked Norton’s Hulk (and I did also like Bana’s Hulk), Ruffalo was such a great part of Avengers. More Ruffelo Hulk!
  • Captain America being all captain America. I think I liked him more in Avengers than I did in the Captain America movie, however his suit was awful Avengers. This is the one time I’m glad a mask came off in a superhero film.
  • Cap deflecting an energy beam. It was such a small moment, but so awesome to see in live action.
  • Rag doll scene. So smashingly great.
  • Seeing how Hawkeye’s arrows worked. I believe that there was some sort of device similar to Hawkeye’s arrowhead switcher in the classic Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe. It was neat to see it in action and helped explained how he could switch different types of arrows so quickly… though 99% of them were explosive.
  • Maria Hill. She had a much bigger part than I thought she was and she was awesome.\
  • The Shield Heli-carrier. It was fantastic to see a live action version of the heli-carrier… even though every time in any media aside comic books the thing will crash. Okay, so it didn’t exactly crash this time, the heli-carrier has to be one of the most unreliable forms of transportation in all of comics.

Things I did not love:

  • When Hulk first appears, why in the hell does he start attacking Black Widow? It made no sense. And then later on Banner turns and he’s automatically at their side.
  • Why didn’t black Widow get to shoot crap out of her wrists? It’s not any less belieavble than a man shooting arrows at aliens.
  • Agent Coulsen’s death. I get why it happened, but it also felt like, “Hey, we gotta at least kill somebody.”
  • More trick arrows! Come on, where was the net arrow or a sticky blob arrow for Hawkeye?
  • I’m not a huge fan of the superheroes having a misunderstanding so they fight scene. It worked better in The Avengers than it has in other media, but it’s so standard and boring over all. Why is it that whenever there’s a new team up the heroes have to fight with each other first?
  • No Thor V… for the ladies. Certainly not for me.
  • There was not a single shot of Scar Joe’s cleavage in a slightly unzipped Black Widow uniform. FOR SHAME!
  • I don’t know if this is correct or not – and maybe it’s just my interpretation – but I thought the reason the Hulk chased Black Widow was because he wasn’t in control of that transformation. They’d been attacked and it pissed him off and he just hulked out and went on a rampage. Whereas when they were in NYC and he intentionally transformed, he was able to keep himself in check and focus the smashy-smash. Either way, the fact that it needs to be left to interpretation shows a slight misstep from the director’s chair.

  • I also didn’t understand how the Hulk suddenly switched. And Banner even said that he was angry and implied he was always in control. The previous commenter is probably spot-on, but it wasn’t explained at all well.

  • I figured the reason Hulk attacked the Black Widow was for a few reasons. One, Banner was being slightly manipulated by Loki. They’d just come off a scene where no one trusted anyone else and everyone was arguing and pissed off (with Banner even subconsciously grabbing Loki’s staff.) Two, I think it was sort of implied that Banner wasn’t super happy about being manipulated by BW when she came to get him in India. Though Banner might have some control over when he hulks out, that doesn’t mean he can totally control the Hulk after he changes. That buried resentment of BW came out when he transformed. Similarly, though played for laughs, when he knocks out Thor after they just fought together.

    I agree about Agent Coulson. Whedon does this all the time, taking the heart/humor character and killing them off. It might be unrealistic, but I kind of liked him as the C3-P0 character of the marvel movies…

  • I think Space Monkey X nailed it. While I can see the reasoning, the fact that I’m not the only one that was at least a little confused points to the fact it was a bit of a failure in directing or writing.

  • I went in thinking I wouldn’t like Ruffalo as Banner, being annoyed they dropped Norton and not thinking he could replace him, but he really surprised me and did a great job in the role.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    The lack of Scar Joe’s cleavage was sad, but Paltrow in the loose shirt & REALLY REALLY short jeans was a bonus. Add this to the Things I Loved Catagory: Grand Central Station & the sucker punch.

  • Hawkeye needed an arrow that unrolled a picture of a sexy lady (a photo of Black Widow with cleavage would work perfectly here). An alien driving a hoversled thing would see it and his eyes would boing out of his sockets while he whistles. Then the alien would crash the hoversled into the building in front of him. Hilarity!

  • Shawn that was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time.

  • Joss had the Avengers fighting with one another almost as much as they were fighting their enemies. The Avengers, like the Justice League in DC, are a unique team in comicdom because there is no tie that binds them together save the will to work as a team. The Fantastic Four are basically family and were granted their powers in a cosmic storm they all passed through together. The X-Men share their mutant genealogy and the struggle against the persecution that comes from it. The Avengers are a disparate group of extraordinary people with big egos and big personalities and it’s inevitable in over forty years of publication that they fight one another first.

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