Avengers Movie Trailer Be Spoiling (Spoilers!)

Oh noes! Iron Mans is a going to die!!!1

Oh noes! Iron Mans is a going to die!!!1

Yep, I’m late to the table with a post about the Avengers movie, but this one has been bugging me for awhile so I thought I’d take it to the interent, the most logical place to air grievances! Plus, now that everyone on the planet has scene the film we can get down to talking about details a little more freely.

A long while back I ranted about how during the trailer to Iron Man 2 they totally ruined a great moment by giving it away in the trailer. For those who don’t remember, when Tony Stark is being an idiot and racing his fancy race car, he’s attacked by Mush Face, I mean Whiplash. There he is, helpless and essentially naked before this powerful enemy. What is he going to do?! Well, if you saw the trialer you knew he was going to get out of it by busting out a suit of portable suitcase armor. A dramatic and tension filled moment completely ruined. Thanks to a trailer.

Well it happened again, folks. And it happened with Iron Man, no less! I only watched two of the trailers, but the second one that I saw was the one that did it. In fact, a lot of people pointed to that moment in the trailer saying how cool it was. If you don’t know what I’m talking about by now, it was when the Hulk caught Iron Man.


I'm fairly certain the Hulk was CGI. Maybe Iron Man too.

Now this is a big deal, because as I was watching Avengers I was waiting for this moment to pop up. About halfway through the big battle I thought, “Hey, Hulk hasn’t caught Iron Man yet…” and then things got more intense, stakes were raised, and Iron Man is making an ultimate sacrifice to save the citizens of New York City. So he’s now falling in an uncontrolled decent and the only thing I can think of is, “The Hulk is going to catch him.” Not, “Oh man, how is he going to get out of this one!?” Nope, I knew that the Hulk would catch him and he would be fine.

And yes, you could argue that I didn’t know in the follow up scene he’d be laying there with some question of whether or not he’d actually be dead, but still the dramatic tension of how was he not going to crash into the ground was gone.

You might be asking If I thought that Iron Man would actually die.  That’s really not the point. You don’t go into many movies thinking there’s a chance that a main hero and a marquee star is going to bite it. You go to the movie to see what ways they’ll triumph over overwhelming odds. When the stakes are so high that I think there’s almost no chance the hero isn’t going to make it, I don’t want to know exactly how he or she is going to escape the predicament!

At this point, I’m surprised that they didn’t include the Loki and Hulk rag-doll moment in the trailer.

  • CT

    Exactly why I’ve stopped watching trailers for movies I KNOW I want to see. For something I’m not sold on (like G.I. Joe or even Amazing Spider-Man), I’ll watch the trailers. Avengers…I knew I wanted to see that so there was no need to watch the trailers. All I had seen going into the movie was the tag at the end of Cap.

    All that said, I COMPLETELY agree with you. The reason I don’t watch trailers is because the movie marketers themselves cannot be trusted anymore. It’s a shame that they feel the need to lay it all out there and ruin big moments.

  • The problem is that I watched the trailer in the theater for another movie. Its hard to avoid them when they’re right there in front of you! hah

  • See, I was right there with you on the Hulk thing, as I was also waiting for it. I don’t, however, think the Iron Man II situation is the same.

    Maybe it’s because these movies are somewhat or formulaic, or I’m just a know-it-all fanboy, but I don’t think anyone really saw that scene and thought it was the end for Stark. You know why? It’s because of the other thing that you hate from these movies: maskless shots. In a comic book movie, the hero is rarely, if ever, in danger in their civilian form. Now, if they had shown *Iron Man* on that track, with a busted/missing helmet, then I’d be all “Oh noes! He’s gunna die!”. That scene was put in the trailer to A) sell toys and B) show that the tech was being taken to a new movie this go ’round. I don’t, however, think it was presented as the climactic moment of the film – nor did it turn out to be that in the final product.

  • I need to stop leaving stream of consciousness comments. Remove the “or” before “formulaic” and change “new movie” to “new level”. Yeah, I think that covers it.

  • I’ll just rebut with, “You’re wrong and I’m the right one!”

  • There was no reason to include that scene in the trailer. I had forgot about that scene in the trailer, but as soon as he started falling, it was obvious what was going to happen. I try to limit the trailers I watch to the main theatrical trailers, but even those are starting to show to much.

  • clark

    I’m there with you. It was that trailer that finally made me really excited to see the Avengers, and I assumed it was just something that happened in the middle of the battle. When I saw him falling back to Earth I thought to myself “Crap, I wish I didn’t know Hulk was about to catch him.”

    SPOILERY: Luckily I stayed away from other spoilers, so I had no clue that Coulson was about to get run through with a spear, or that Thanos was going show up at all.

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