Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer and Breakdown of Each Shot

The trailer for Age of Ultron aka Avengers 2 leaked online (followed by Marvel releasing it) and we saw it! And since we’re nerds with opinions we needed to share them!

Vincent: All I can say is that my boner got a boner for watching the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer.

Chris: I liked it but didn’t get quite as amped because there were no hints of character arcs or clever dialog. It’s quite dark. I get it. It’s establishing the stakes. I just hope the next trailer gives us an idea of what the story is.

Vincent: You know, the funny thing is while I liked the first Avengers, I did have some issues with it. It’s really just 1/2 set up and 1/2 big fight. It’s great for what it is. This movie looks like it might have a little more substance.

Chris: Possibly. Ultron is a really interesting villain and I think it’s cleverly tied in with Tony Stark, which gives Robert Downey, Jr. something to sink his teeth into. He’s the lynchpin so that’s smart. Let’s take a look at some screencaps and see what we can figure out and what looks most interesting.


Chris: Best guess for this location? I think it’s Johannesburg, South Africa.

Vincent: Obviously Milwaukee, WI. Those are the rolling hills of my youth.


Vincent: I literally have no opinion. Disney is wasting my time with this.

Chris: Ok, well that’s totally Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver there buddy. It makes me curious why they’re protesting.

Vincent: They’re anti gay rights.


Chris: Liquid metal cascades over a robot hand. My best guess? Ultron is covering himself with Vibranium, the same metal as Cap’s shield.

Vincent: Oh good guess. Way to fucking ruin the movie for me.


Vincent: Cap seems a bit hurt. Maybe emotionally. More likely physical.

Chris: Yes. And where’s his shield? Also, they could be in Johannesburg here because of the license plates.

Vincent: You’re really obsessed with Johnnesburg. Do you think it could lead to a Black Panther thing?

Chris: That’s just where I think this is! And yes, I think it could relate to Black Panther’s African nation of Wakanda. And a shot we’ll talk about later makes me REALLY think so.


Chris: Hawkeye kinda looks like he’s in Eastern Europe here, right? Or am I crazy? Also, people running in panic.

Vincent: Both. Also this is an example of a legit use of lensflare.


Vincent: Damn they look depressed. Darkest Marvel movie yet?

Chris: Probably! And no one seems to be willing to look Banner in the face. Did he do something bad?

Vincent: He probably touched a kid.



Chris: First version of Ultron? Looks like a Frankenstein’s monster made from Iron Man parts.

Vincent: Possibly. Also maybe the first version is shitty and discarded and then that turns into The Vision.

Chris: Yeah, something like that could make sense.


Chris: Here’s our heroes reacting to Ultron shambling in. They’re in casual clothes hanging out at Stark Tower. Plus War Machine, Maria Hill and… some lady next to Thor. Guesses?

Vincent: Angela from Spawn.

Chris: They’re just tossing every character they can into this?

Vincent: That’s what I’d do.


Vincent: Ultron holds his former lover in his arms.

Chris: I like how he casually destroys what could have been a previous version of himself. I also dig the triangle eyes like he has in the comics.


Chris: Looks like Tony Stark will put his Iron Man armor on at some point. It’s interesting because he kinda went through so much PTSD in Avengers 1 that he obviously tried to create Ultron so he wouldn’t have to be Iron Man anymore. Guess that won’t work.

Vincent: Well yeah, it’s an Avengers movie. How would they sell Iron Man toys if the Iron Man armor isn’t in it?

Chris: You’re so cynical.

Vincent: If Iron Man wasn’t in the suit in it, I’d be pissed. I want my Iron Mans! Though, I guess War Machine could take up that deficit.


Vincent: It’s a big old castle. Reminds me of the Captain America movie. The one from the 90s. Maybe Red Skull is in there.

Chris: I bet it is a Hydra stronghold. Wasn’t the teaser after Captain America 2 that Hydra had Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

Vincent: Yes. That’s probably either where they are chilling or trying to track down where these weirdos came from.


Chris: Cap kicks in a door. Looks like it could be that same castle. Maybe in Europe? Maybe Cap’s whole job is just kicking doors in this one.

Vincent: Probably. You know I’d like to make a note here. Normally, I hate when superheroes don’t have their masks on in the films. But Captain America looks so much better without it in the flicks.

Chris: Completely agree. Fantastic suit this time.


Chris: Some soldiers hit a dirt street but the street is called Harrison so that seems like the U.S. to me.

Vincent: Maybe they’re cops with cheap military surplus. If anything, the Marvel Universe would demand that cops get all that sweet, sweet military gear.


Vincent: Some cops that are inevitably going to fail against a something like Ultron. Or Hulk.

Chris: So are there just missing SFX or is the danger just to the right of the screen?

Vincent: Just to the right, I’d bet. Establish the distance between them and their foe who quickly moves in and crushes them.

Chris: Also? It would be hilarious if cops just shot up the big threat and that’s how Avengers 2 ends.

Vincent: Maybe that’s why the public is protesting. “You heroes suck!”


Vincent: Is this a tank or something?

Chris: I think it’s a tank. Maybe going after Hulk? Because look at this next shot, also in the woods:


Vincent: Tanks vs. Hulks is never good for the tank crews. Yeah, he just killed a bunch of people that fear him. Because they try to kill him.

Chris: I think we can see a ruined tank behind Banner.


Chris: Who needs surgery? Does someone die? Or is this Hydra experimenting on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

Vincent: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. They can’t be true mutants, so they have to be experimented upon or some such. And heroes never use medical equipment that looks like that.

Chris: In the comics, Baron Strucker, who we glimpsed in the Cap 2 teaser, experimented on his kids, who became the supervillains Fenris. Maybe they’ve substituted Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for them.

Vincent: That’s something a nerd would say.


Vincent: Ultron with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Do you think the kids found him or he finds them?

Chris: I’m not sure. They clearly seem to be working for him. In the comics, before Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the Avengers, they worked as villains for Magneto.


Chris: A closer look at Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. I liked Aaron Taylor in Kickass but thought he was boring in Kickass 2 and Godzilla. So I’m nervous.

Vincent: I wonder what he thinks about you?


Vincent: Not sure what’s happening here. Lots of robots (awesome) and water and some glowy stuff?

Chris: I think it’s dozens of Ultrons climbing and flying out of a river, maybe to that castle from before.


Vincent: Looks like our heroes are surprised by something.

Chris: I like to pretend Chris Hemsworth’s body is CG so that I don’t feel like a wimp.

Vincent: I could totally out lift him, if I spend the next year at the gym. The whole entire year.


Chris: Tony looks at the pieces of an Ultron prototype, I’m thinking.

Vincent: Yeah and it looks like it ended up in a bad way.


Vincent: Nick Fury! I knew he’d be back. He couldn’t go into hiding forever!

Chris: He popped up looking like this for the season finale of Agents of SHIELD, handed the agency over to Coulson, then went to Europe to do something.

Vincent: I don’t watch that show, so I’ll be interested in seeing how necessary or unnecessary that is to understand what’s happening.

Chris: Probably not at all.


Chris: What’s Scarlet Witch so upset about? Other than the total ruin she’s surrounded by? Maybe she’s manipulated into being bad by something framing an Avenger for the destruction?

Vincent: Someone just got their first period.


Vincent: Dat Foot!

Chris: I love when cool comic shit finds its way in. Hulkbuster armor is so rad. But what’s up with Hulk so out of control?

Vincent: We’ll only find out by buying a ticket or when the pirates eventually leak the film!


Chris: I love that the Hulkbuster armor encases a full Iron Man suit. Stark is wearing two suits at once!

Vincent: What a show off. Aren’t you glad they didn’t go with the John Romita, Jr. Hulk Buster design?

Chris: I loved that in the comics. This looks good for the movies.


Vincent: Black Widow proves she can drive motorcycles as well as 3 point stances.

Chris: Who supplies the Quinjet, though? Tony Stark? The Avengers don’t work for SHIELD anymore.


Chris: Looks like Quicksilver is hitting an Ultron robot in this scene.

Vincent: Cap looks like he’s just sitting in that Subway/Train seat. I imagine he’s just doing his morning commute.


Vincent: Scarlet Witch has got her hex powers activated. That’s kind of a weird superpower to explain. I hope it doesn’t just boil down to weird energy thingies.

Chris: I agree. How will her powers work? Will they just be energy blasts? I suspect they will mess with people’s minds. I’ll explain why in some shots down below.

Vincent: You could have the characters fuck up and they’ll comment, “What are the chances of that happening!?” And Scarlet Witch will wink at the screen.


Chris: This looks like modern Cap at a WW2 officer’s ball. Flashback? Or hallucination?

Vincent: I hope it’s a hallucination. I think Cap’s past is interesting, but enough with flashbacks already.

Chris: He could be dreaming about getting that dance with Agent Carter that he wants so bad.

Vincent: Jeez get over it, Cap. She’s a gross old person now.


Vincent: Looks like some water is missing.

Chris: Yeah, that’s a pretty weird shot. I can’t figure it out.


Chris: Recognize this guy?

Vincent: No, but I just read that it’s Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Who is playing a dude named Claw. Is claw the guy in the funky suit that shoots sound out of his hand?

Chris: Yeah, that beard makes me think it’s Ulysses Klaw, who is always trying to steal Vibranium. He’s one of Black Panther’s arch enemies.

Vincent: So that South African looking city looks like it might just be Black Panther’s turf.


Vincent: This has me so excited. I love the Cap America with shield in front of him on a motorcycle. It’s like those crappy 70s Captain America film things. I hope he’s wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Chris: Also, he seems to be in China or at the very least Chinatown. So this movie is definitely going global.

Vincent: They need to rake in that overseas cash. You might be surprised to learn that most people outside the U.S. don’t have much of an affinity for Captain America.


Chris: Thor seems very upset. Based on nothing but my own speculation, I wonder if Scarlet Witch could make Thor unworthy or think he’s unworthy of using his hammer?

Vincent: I think Thor just came. Or what you said.


Vincent: Black Widow seems concerned.

Chris: Betty Ross is totes jealy.


Chris: What’s up with a shot of ballerinas? Black Widow was supposedly a ballerina before becoming a Russian spy. Flashback? Mind control? Just some ballerinas?

Vincent: Hmmm you’re giving a lot of credence to the mind control thing. Either this is some establishing shot early in the film, a mind fuck, or a flashback, but I don’t think flashback fits.


Vincent: Shot from G.I. Joe 3 inserted by accident.

Chris: The blue energy and weird mech thing make me wonder if they are Hydra.

Vincent: Or A.I.M.?


Chris: Scriptwriter: “Yes, but how do I solve this problem with an arrow?”

Vincent: I love movie Hawkeye. More of him.


Vincent: I’m not a fan of heroes fighting each other, except maybe the Hulk Buster stuff. Thor is a bully, that man has a heart condition.

Chris: No, he had his shrapnel removed at the end of Iron Man 3. And since Stark probably caused Ultron on some level, I think I get why Thor might be mad at him.

Vincent: Thanks for spoiling Iron Man 3 for me!


Chris: It looks like Black Widow could be in Ultron’s factory.

Vincent: And she’s certainly concerned that stuff is happening.


Vincent: Smashing! I’m very excited to see this fight go down.

Chris: I think Iron Man’s gonna get his ass kicked. No one’s stronger than Hulk.

Vincent: That’s just hype created by the Hulk. He’s an amazing self promoter.


Chris: Someone’s throwing cars at Cap. And from that sign, it looks like this could be in China.

Vincent: Hope it’s not Hulk. They’re friends.


Vincent: Quicksilver doing Quicksilvery things somewhere that is not the U.S.

Chris: Could those people be any more stereotypically Eastern European?

Vincent: I don’t see any babushkas, so they could be a little more Eastern European.


Chris: Cap’s shield broken. Very iconic. But I wonder if it’s in his mind? I could be way off on that guess.

Vincent: I hope that it’s not in his mind. I hate shit like that.


Vincent: Ultron looks pretty bad ass, though his eyes look a little too human for me. On a side note, James Spader’s voice is amazing as Ultron.

Chris: I like that Ultron is SO busy he needs two bluetooth phones.

Vincent: He’s got to communicate with his doubles somehow.


Chris: May 2015 can’t get here soon enough. Favorite part of the trailer? For me, it was the creepy version of Pinnochio’s song (corporate synergy!) and Ultron saying “There are no strings on me.”

Vincent: Yeah, that Pinocchio thing was kind of weird. I’m all kinds of pumped up for this after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. I think one reason why I’m even more excited for this film is that unlike Avengers 1, I actually really like the villain. I’ve always really enjoyed Ultron and while Loki was all right I guess, so I’m more invested this time around.

Now that you’ve heard our thoughts, what are yours?!