Avengers: Age of Ultron Third Trailer Scene by Scene Breakdown

Marvel has released a third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will hit theaters on May 1st. Just under two months away. The new trailer offers a bunch of new footage that we haven’t seen before and we take a look at each scene below. We’ll skip over footage we’ve seen before because we’ve addressed it in breakdowns for the first trailer and second trailer. There could be spoilers, but it’s all educated speculation so it might be wrong, too. Basically, read on if you want to hear some guesses as to what the movie could be about or skip it if you think it would ruin your experience.

avengers 02 mysterious castle

We open with a different angle of the castle we’ve seen in previous trailers. Is it in Europe? Africa? No real way to know. My speculation before was that it was a Hydra base, probably the one Baron von Strucker operates out of (we saw him with Loki’s scepter and the imprisoned Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at the post-credits scene of Captain America: Winter Soldier). A total guess, but one that the next few shots could help endorse.

avengers 03 quicksilver and scarlet witch in a castle

Hard to tell in a still shot but that’s almost definitely Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver on the right hand side, seemingly in the castle’s throne room. So someone has freed them? Who? Well, the next shot is a decent indicator:

avengers 04 ultron sits atop a throne

Ultron sits atop a throne, speaking of how he was created to give hope. So that’s the first thing he’ll take away. He’s basically a crazy robot, you see. In the comics, he was created to help be a peacekeeping figure but his programming was such that he figured the most peaceful outcome would simply be no more humanity. Anyway, if he were to free Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, it could explain why they seem to be working against the Avengers.

avengers 05 peaceful city

A Quinjet (the transport for the Avengers) flies into a peaceful, modern city. But which city? Hard to guess. No signs, architecture or businesses that are recognizably American so it could be Europe or Africa, two rumored locations for the movie. The people we see are white, black and asian so who knows?

avengers 06 ultron is free

A shot of Ultron unplugging himself. As he said in the first trailer, there are no strings on him.

avengers 07 massive explosion

Here’s a pretty big explosion. Citizens running for their lives. Cars and rubble everywhere. The site of a big Ultron attack?

avengers 08 tower collapse

We also see a massive skyscraper under construction completely destroyed. A lot of chaos.

avengers 09 avengers tower

Here’s our first shot of Avengers Tower, which was Stark Tower in the first Avengers movie. I guess this is where guys like Captain America and Thor can live when they’re not off on a mission.

avengers 10 stark lab constructs ultron

Here’s an overhead shot, probably of Stark’s lab (there’s a robot arm in the bottom right that seems to move like the robot arm in Iron Man 1-3). Also, there’s a mask piece on the right that looks very much like the first shambling version of Ultron that we see.

avengers 11 bruce banner working in stark lab

In the lab, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner discuss how Ultron was designed to be a peacekeeping tool but became an artificial intelligence. Whoops. Nice to see the science bros palling around again.

avengers 12 ultron drones break through street

Here’s some Ultron drones breaking up through the bottom of a city street.

avengers 13 captain america fails to save car on bridge

This scene is heartbreaking. Captain America races to the edge of a broken bridge and grabs the back of a car but the bumper comes off in his arms and the car plummets over the edge!

avengers 14 bruce banner and black widow get close

There’s a scene with Bruce Banner and Black Widow where they get very, very close. It’s not a relationship that existed in the comics, but the actors did have great chemistry in Avengers so I could see it working. But here’s the bigger question: where are they? It looks like a very normal house. Almost old-fashioned. Why would they be there or who would own it? Best guess is the Avengers need to regroup and go off the grid somewhere where Ultron can’t detect them. So maybe a farm? Or maybe one of the Avengers has a private life outside of their team? We don’t know too much about either Nick Fury or Hawkeye so maybe one of them own a rural house.

avengers 15 avengers attack army in forest

Badass shot of all of the Avengers charging an army in a wintery forest. I’d say the army’s chances at winning are low.

avengers 16 tony stark finds loki staff

Here’s a fascinating scene: Tony Stark grabs Loki’s scepter, last seen in the hands of Hydra. There’s been speculation it is powered by one of the Infinity Stones, since Loki received the staff from Thanos in the first Avengers movie and we know from Guardians of the Galaxy that Thanos is collecting these objects of power. Maybe Hydra was using it to grant or unlock the powers of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

avengers 17 avengers in a normal house

Here’s anotehr shot of the team in that seemingly ordinary home. Can’t really make out any of the photos on the wall or they might be a good clue.

avengers 18 nick fury speaks to avengers

Nick Fury shows up in this scene, telling the Avengers: “Here we are. With nothing but our wit and our will to save the world. To stand and fight.”

avengers 19 team faces quicksilver and scarlet witch

Seems to be a factory. Maybe the one Ultron is seen in in the first trailer? On one side of a catwalk is Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. On the other? Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. The calm before the storm.

avengers 20 ultron hit by captain america shield

Ultron takes a direct hit from Captain America’s shield, which embeds itself in his shoulder. In the next shot, he tears it out and drops it on the highway and we see Ultron is standing on a moving truck.

avengers 21 black widow snags captain america shield

Fortunately, Black Widow is right behind and grabs it without slowing down on her motorcycle. Nice to see them working as a team.

avengers 22 hulk vs iron man

Iron Man in his Hulkbuster suit seems to be attempting to fly away but the Hulk relentlessly pounds on him. This could be wrong, but the Hulk looks paler than usual. Is he grey, as he has been in the comics? Not sure, but compare him to the trees below and he really stands out as a different color.

avengers 23 scarlet witch hypnotizes black widow

This shot seems to confirm some of my speculation from the first trailer: that Scarlet Witch can mess with people’s minds. Black Widow’s eyes turn red, just like we’ve seen an enraged Hulk’s eyes. Perhaps this explains why the movie poster credits people like Peggy Carter and Heimdall in the movie? The Avengers experience hallucinations?

avengers 24 quicksilver decks captain america

No screen shot can do this justice. Captain America seems to be getting up in slow motion and Quicksilver decks him. Cap’s reflexes are superhuman but not fast enough for Quicksilver it seems.

avengers 25 ultron has an army

Thor screams out at Ultron, asking if that’s the best he’s got. Then Ultron waves forward a massive wave of drones.

avengers 26 captain america is exasperated with thor

Captain America exasperatedly asks Thor if he had to ask that. These two have great comic timing. It works.

avengers 27 team faces ultron robots

Then we see the Avengers fighting a seemingly unending supply of Ultrons. It’s interesting to note that the Scarlet Witch appears to be shooting at them too with her red energy powers. But it’s hard to be 100% sure because of how small they all look. It could be Ultron shooting energy at somebody.

avengers 28 face of vision

Then we cut to the Avengers title and date but we’re not done! We see our first official glimpse of Vision, an android who in the comics is created by Ultron but with his own AI and who goes his own way.

avengers 29 vision opens eyes

His eyes pop open and the screen cuts to black. But that’s definitely actor Paul Bettany, who voices Iron Man’s onboard computer, JARVIS. So maybe JARVIS becomes sentient?