Attention Spammers, You’re Not Fooling Me


It seems that The Robot’s Pajamas is under assault by an evil force of shape shifters. I say this because I keep getting comments from my regular readers that aren’t really them. It all started with someone leaving comments as a “Jason P”, which easily could have been another person with the same name. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize at the time that it was a scout for the invasion force. Now I’m constantly getting comments from clones of some of my favorite people. What makes it harder is that the comments seem to be legitimate and not the usual spam garbage.

If you’re a fan of Robot’s Pajamas, I need you to mobilize. Here is what you can do to help: Don’t visit any websites that are linked to comments that look suspicious, don’t get water on the spammers, and most importantly don’t feed any of the spammers after midnight.

Spammers, know that I’m on to you and I have a vengeance that burns like the fire of a thousand suns. Your tactics are merely annoying and will do you no good. Your page rank will NOT benefit from your random links even if I was stupid enough to keep them active. Secondly, I know who my friends are so it’s not like I can’t tell who you are. Finally, the site doesn’t get much traffic at this point so you’re really wasting your time. So stop already, or your streets shall run red with the blood of your children. This I command!


p.s. Spammers: You also have a tiny penis.

  • Emma

    Eww, they’re using actual commenter’s names? NOBODY BETTER PRETEND TO BE ME. >=(

  • THAT’S IT!!! Time to swing into full Revenger mode. I consider all who are legitamite commentors my friends and my friends. And I protect my friends. Those verdammt spammers have my full wrath. May their wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, life partners all end up pregnant by a 400lb guy who won’t pay child support. And their car’s engine be sugared.

  • qfsurfmonkey

    I, the original Jason P, am officially changing my name… and DEATH TO SPAMMERS!!!

  • Jason,

    My dear friend, I am the other Jason P.

    You do not need to change your name, I apologize, but I had no clue there are other Jasons in here. :)

    From now on, I will comment here using my first name only. No more last name. Please stick to your old username.
    I came across this website like a week or two ago, so I dont mind changing my username. :)

    And I guess it doesnt really make a huge difference.

    And I am not a spammer. LOL

    PS: Admin dude, my apologies, I had no clue how my commenting on your site leads all these spammers to your blog, no clue at all.

  • Spammers, dont try to steal my username or else I will keep my name something like.


    LOL. Will I really keep that type of a username?? Hell no!!! LOL

  • Vincent

    Hmmmm…. I have to ask how you can have the name Jason when English isn’t your first language?

  • My name is not Jason.

  • Vincent,

    I am an Indian, living in India.

    For your information, more than 11% of India’s population is christian.

    I hope that answers your question.

  • I have friends named Jason.

  • Savage,
    Even I am not Jason any longer. LOL

    Admin changed my username.

    My new username is Not Jason P. LOL

    3rd username in less than 3 weeks, thanks to some spammerssssssss.

    I know how irritating it is. I get around 100 spam messages on my blog everyday. All selling viagra and porn, sick and tired of deleting them everyday.

    NOT Jason P. LOL