Attention All Dudes….


A friend of mine, Matty, recently launched his ground breaking podcast called, Being a Dudecast. Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Not another lame podcast!” Well shut yer ugly trap for a second. Being a Dudecast is awesome. Not only does it have higher production values than 99% of most podcasts (it’s all live in a studio, no Skype), but it’s friggen hilarious.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that if you’re the sensitive type that is fainting at course language or “dirty talk” then this is not the podast for you. Likewise if you suffer from the vapors or have a severe case of the pansies you should stay away. Being a Dudecast is for dudes (or even the ladies) who like to talk about sex, farts, and want to laugh. And seriously, if you don’t think farts are funny, I’ll have to reexamine our relationship. Anyway, here’s the official description:

Being a Dudecast is a beer fueled romp into the normal conversations my abnormal friends and I have. Not suprisingly, they tend to center around boners and ****ing. The point of the show is to be anecdotal and conversational, but most importantly funny. We’re really just trying to make each other laugh, but my hope is that we’ll make some other people laugh, too. If listening to guys talk about crazy hump stories, or puberty awkwardness, or boners doesn’t make you laugh, this definitely wouldn’t be for you. This is a group of guys with overactive libidos and imaginations.

And if nothing that I’ve told you so far has convinced you to try it out, then how about the fact that Matty once served Kevin Smith in a dance off? That shit’s fact. So who’s got the better podcast? OBVIOUSLY the better dancer. You hear that Mr. Kevin “too afraid to throw down” Smith?

You can find Being a Dudecast here or on iTunes. I don’t know how that iTunes thing works though, I stopped liking music and technology associated with it in 1999 in preparation of being old.

*I selected the picture based on the fact that the rad dude up there is the ultimate dude and therefore would really like Being a Dudecast. Don’t deny it.

  • It’s David Cross back when he had hair!

    …and a leopard.