AT&T Brings You The Future

I loved the 90s. I mean, as much as I loved the 80s, I probably love the 1990s more. I really came of age in the 1990s. I graduated high school, got my first car, started going to college, grew my first beard, and lost my virginity. That’s a lot of big milestones in one decade. I did mention I lost my virginity, didn’t I?

These ads that AT&T did in 1992 show us a world in which the 1990s kept going. Yep, we’d have new technology, but it would be 1990s technology… in the future!

Couple of points: 1. Funny how AT&T really didn’t bring you any of the things that actually came true. 2. Got to love paying for the toll by reaching for a card and swiping it in a reader while going through the toll area at about 55 to 65 miles an hour.

Oh and the quality of the futurist commercials is a tad low, because they were on a CD-ROM that came with an issue of Newsweek. Newsweek thought that magazines would switch to CD-Roms. Oh, if only we could live in a perfect world like that!

Thanks to: Chris Piers

  • This is a brilliant post. Love it. Love it. Love it. First, it has Tom Selleck doing the VO, who doesn’t love Magnum PI? Who would have thought in the 1990s that phone booths would be a dinosaur in the 21st Century?! FACETIME!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What is a CRT monitor??????

  • i love those old commericals. so optimistic!!!

  • I do like that they accurately predicted the following:

    The Kindle
    iPad touch screen
    EZ Pass

    But they found ways to make it all clunkier. It’s adorable.

  • Totally. I want a wireframe GPS.

  • Ur Dad

    How is it possible you lost your virginity in the 90’s? You didn’t get married till the 2000’s.