Artist Corner: Teaching Evil a Lesson (Slightly Risky)

Out of the many works of art present at the ’09 Comic Con, my eye was drawn to a delightful image of Supergirl (yeah, big surprise right?) by Becca. I picked up this print for a decent price:


I enjoy this depiction, because it shows how sweet an innocent Supergirl can be, while kind of looking like a porn star.

I also got this print, which frankly shows what most He-Man fans secretly dream about (mine is in full color, jealous?):


Now that’s what I call art!

Becca not only has some cool, but she’s got a groovy blog called No Smoking Skull Cave. Get this, she even has some pictures of boobs on her blog. Yeah, how awesome as that? Totally awesome!

  • Awww thanks for the cool write up! Digging the blog by the way :)