Andrew W.K.’s Stalker Song

Andrew W.K. is probably one of the nicest guys on the planet, but he has made some questionable choices. The biggest one would be giving a creepy fucking song to a girl when he was 17 and she promptly had a restraining order filed on him. He finally released the song and you can listen to it below. I find it hilarious how, but it’s some scary shit if you put yourself in the girl’s shoes.

When I can travel back in time I’m going to stop at young Andrew’s house and let him know that lines like, “My blood will leave a stain on you forever” don’t really win over the ladies.

And to cleanse our pallets, let’s just party hard a bit.

And if you’re wondering why I posted this on a mostly geek site, I also enjoy covering kick ass weirdos.

  • Jason P

    Party Hard! Rawr!