And She’s Killing Like She’s Never Killed Before

Vincent   July 1, 2009   Comments Off on And She’s Killing Like She’s Never Killed Before

I have a man crush on Cliff Chiang, because he keeps bringing joy into my life. Here’s his remix of Elektra on the Flash Dance album cover:


If there was anything that could have saved the Elektra flick, it would have been more dancing and stripping. Though… that would mean nude Jennifer Garner, so I guess scratch that.

In a strange coincidence he also did a Vampirella illustration that was inspired by the art of Patrick Nagel, like the Twi’lek print I shared earlier.


This time it’s directly influenced by Duran Duran’s Rio album cover. Duran Duran had this to say about it:


You might also remember that I posted Chiang’s take on Purple Rain staring Batgirl.

Mr. Chang all I can ask is to keep bringing nerdy joy to my life.