And Now for a Nazi Riding a Unicorn

Remember when I found the picture of Indiana Jones fighting a cyborg Nazi and thought it was the greatest thing ever? Forget about that noise. While working my day job I came across a much greater find on the cover of a Harry Turtledove book entitled, After the Downfall.


As a coworker said, you know there’s only going to be trouble when those two combine. Truer words were almost never spoken. If I’m a soldier on patrol with my platoon and all of a sudden a unicorn comes clopping down the road with a Nazi riding, I might as well blow my own brains out, because there’s no hope left at that point.

The other important thing to note about this cover is that you don’t even have to know what the book is about. The Nazi riding a unicorn (rather triumphantly, may I add) is basically a mandate that you must read the book. There’s no other greater sales device than this.

Obviously, I will be reading this and doing a book report in the future, but that may be a long time since I have a huge backlog. In the meantime, I suggest you read it and have your mind blown instead of waiting around.

  • Loving this blog!! lol. P.S. That horse has a NICE ass!… :-/

  • Emma

    I love it!

  • Dr. Josef Mengele

    I was in charge of the superior horse experiments in the late ’30’s. We crossed a rhino with a horse to accomplish are results. Of course they were aryan horses and rhinos.