An Amazing eBay Auction

A fellow decided to finally get rid of an old Nintendo console and a few games by putting them on eBay. He problably figured he’d get a few bucks if he was lucky, but he probably never imagined that he’d get $13,105 bucks. Why is that? Because of the ultra rare game, Stadium Events.


Of course, once eBay gets it’s dirty hands on his cash he’ll have far less than that, but still it’s an amazing number. Before you decide it’s time to sell your old Nintendo with visions of high priced call girls in your head though, it only went that high due to Stadium Events. Stadium Events is ultra rare and it’s even more rare when it’s got its box. In fact, according to Wikipedia, their are only an estimated 20 copies of this game left. As one reader on boing boing put it:

Stadium Events is incredibly rare, and the manual and (most importantly) the box even more so. The value breaks down something like this:


I’m guessing that Stadium Events is pretty terrible, but collectors are driven mad by its rarity. The only thing I can say to the buyer is that if it doesn’t work, try blowing on it.

  • I think I remember playing that game, or at least one a lot like it. I never did too well on it

  • Wish I had MY old NES…

  • I sold my NES a few years back, made pretty good money on it and all the games. I was shocked as shit.

    It could be my lack of sleep, but that guy on the Stadium Events box kind of looks like that guy from Jabberjaw that looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.