Amazon’s Star Wars: Slave 1 Debacle


It’s not often I get to use the word “debacle” in a post, but it’s entirely appropriate in this one. Star Wars fans have been enjoying releases of new toys in old looking packages for the last few years. Even if you open them up, it’s fun to see them in these boxes. And lots of times you can keep the box to use as storage, I do it myself.


Amazon got a Slave I (Boba Fett’s ship) exclusive in a box and while on the surface it seems like a great idea, for some insane reason they have been shipping the Slave 1s without a mailer box.

Customers have submitted their own images and they aren’t pretty. Seriously, just look at this mess:



It’s like whoever is responsible for this has no concept of toy collecting. Well, they probably don’t, so let’s just go with that. It’s nearly impossible to imagine any other, non-toy item shipping without a box be it a blender or a power drill. The fragility of the contents inside almost demand it. How stupid can someone be?

And even if this was “just for kids”, let’s say you’re buying it for a present. What kid is going to be excited unwrapping their birthday gift and seeing a beat to shit box with mailing labels all over it?

  • Johnny Holeva

    “It’s no good to me dented.”

  • Chris Piers

    What an odd decision. I’ve always received amazon stuff in their mailers.

  • Yeah, its an outrage. TRU did that with the Vintage Collection “Big” Millennium Falcon last year too. We’re talking about a $300 collectible item in a smashed package with no mailer. It was already released in the Legacy Collection. The Vintage Collection packaging was what people were paying the extra $100 for!

  • Dex

    I can’t imagine the backlash had Amazon not stepped up and offered to correct their mistake. I wonder if they’ll be reselling the returned ones at a discount.

  • Twice now I’ve received Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD’s from Dell in nothing more than a FedEx padded envelope. Before that, Eastbay shipped Jordan shoes with the shoe box wrapped with only a plastic bag. Both orders were replaced, but the replacements were shipped identically. Double-boxing should be an industry standard. I would never ship anything like that when selling on eBay.

  • RobotsPJs

    My point exactly. As a seller, I’d never ever ship an item like that that wasn’t double boxed. The chances that the item will be damaged is so high, because that box is not meant to protect the item during mailing, just on a store shelf.