Amazon Deal: Walking Dead Season 1 for 10 Bucks


I like deals and this one seems to be a pretty good one. Currently you can get The Walking Dead: Season One on DVD for ten bucks. Neato.

  • clark

    That’s bizarre that the one sold by amazon is not the option that automatically pops up. However, that’s a pretty good deal for 5 hours of zombie goodness.

  • It says $34.99 when I click that link. Guess they cleared up a mistake kinda fast.

  • Click on the thing that says “9.99 used and new” in the other sellers part and the first one on top is Amazon.

  • PresidentJuggernaut

    Damn, that’s a good deal. I added in a graphic novel that I was planning to buy in order to push it over $25, and got free shipping too.

  • Sweet!

  • I saw this at Target I think for $9.99, I did a double take. I always forget that stores have some pretty darn good sales on DVDs around Easter. I picked mine up on blu-ray when it came out, but still, if anyone was on the fence about picking the show up, this was a fine opportunity!