Amazingly Geeky and Awesome FF-VII 3D Printed Figures!

FFVII Final Fantasy 7 3D Printed Toy

3D printers have created a new foot for a duck and even a new beak for a bald eagle (‘merica!) but that’s not even close to the coolest thing being printed today.

Joaquin Baldwin has answered our prayers and went ahead and printed some awesome Final Fantasy VII figures. Even better, he made them look exactly like they did in the game and he is selling them!!!

FFVII Finaly Fantasy 7 3D Printed Toy

All your favorite characters are there from the obvious Cloud and Sephiroth to the bad-ass Vincent and Barett to the obscure Red XIII and Cait Sith.

Final Fantasy VII is easily my favorite RPG and I’d go out on a limb and even call it one of my all time favorite games. These awesome figures makes me want to bust out the old PS1 and see if I can go wrangle up a gold chocobo or two before grabbing knights of the round and kicking some Ultimate Weapon ass!!

FFVII Final Fantasy 7 3D Printed Toy

The figures are surprisingly pretty cheap (ranging from $14-$30 a piece) for what you get and would make any excellent addition to anyone’s collection.

The link will take you to the shop, so bust out your wallet and buy yourself some, or be super generous and start your favorite blogger’s (me) collection with a nice Vincent or Cloud figure (please please please)

PS: This reminds me! anyone who says that Aeris death is not the most heart wrenching death in video game history and didn’t cry when that shit happened is a LIAR!