Amazing Action Figure Cases

While looking around for shelving options for my massive toy collection I found this store called Figured Display that sells some pretty sweet displays for action figures. They’re pricey, but wow they really work well with the figures they are meant to display.

And no, this is not a sponsored post… but it should be!


Just look at that cabinet! I love how the background works with each of the characters. Of course for it to work you have to have the characters to match all the backgrounds. I’d imagine if you’re willing to drop hundreds (and even a thousand) bucks on a display cabinet, you probably have all the vintage Star Wars figures that go in those spots anyway.

Check out their site if you either have a lot of money to spend or just want to drool over some cool action figure cases. They’ve got ones for G.I. Joe, and some odd ball ones like Tron and The Warriors themed displays.

Link: Figured Display

  • Chris Piers

    Wow. Those are very, very cool. But damn are they expensive.