All the People Batman has Ever Killed (1970-1992)

Chris Piers   November 22, 2016   Comments Off on All the People Batman has Ever Killed (1970-1992)

Batman kills animals from time to time, like this shark. But this list is about killing sentient people.

Batman doesn’t kill very often by this point in time. He’s adopted a rule to never kill. He mostly sticks to it. Which makes the times he does kill come as a bigger shock. And it’s more frequent than you might think.


In Batman #221 Batman uses his second-favorite move. Judo tossing a guy off a ledge. To make it extra special he tosses this villain in front of a killer… lamb.


In Brave and the Bold #90, Batman knocks a guy out and then tosses him into the ocean to drown. Then he thinks to himself how he sure hasn’t lost his touch. No, Batman. You’ve still got it.

batman-235-batman-kills batman-235-batman-keeps-killing

Batman #235. Batman fist fights a mad scientist and knocks him into his chemicals. Then he just stands back and watches him die.


Batman doesn’t intentionally kill this guy. He’s a professor who’s had his brain removed and it exists on life support. The brain tricks the supposedly clever Batman into turning off the life support. Batman has to live with that, though. Jerk move, brain.


Batman takes a bit of a hiatus on killing until Batman #270. He punches a crook into a statue that topples and crushes him.


Just an issue later Batman throws an explosive at a cult and blows them all up. Uh oh. Batman’s got the bloodlust again.


In Detective Comics #455 Batman kills a guy but it’s a vampire so I guess that’s okay? The vampire hid his heart in a clock but Batman figures it out and stakes it with a bow and arrow. I bet Green Arrow was super jealous.


In Brave and the Bold #127 Batman gets a distress call from a crashed and sinking helicopter but it’s a criminal so Batman jumps to the conclusion that it’s fake. But it wasn’t. Whoops.


Hard to find fault with Batman for this one. Penguin’s about to shoot him and Batman uses one of Penguin’s goons as a human shield. Batman #288. It’s surprising this doesn’t happen more often, actually.


In Batman #290 Batman judo throws Skull Dugger into an electric box and electrocutes him. If you have a good, memorable gimmick, Batman knocks you out and arrests you. If you’re boring, you die.


In Brave and the Bold #157 a Senator has been kidnapped aboard a helicopter. Batman keeps poking his face in various windows causing the pilot to shoot until he shoots the controls and crashes. Batman saves the Senator but not the pilot. Hope you had fun Batman.


Batman fights a guy who calls himself the Snowman in Batman #337. Batman stuns him with a flare and the guy falls off a cliff to his death. Then Batman has the gall to muse that the guy would definitely know that Batman had a flare and probably wanted that to happen. Yeah, I’m not so sure on that one.


Brave and the Bold #159 is a weird story about Ra’s al Ghul inventing a glass wall that turns you into crystal if you touch it. Batman learns of this and still tosses one of the henchmen into the wall, killing him.


In Detective Comics #517 Batman is briefly turned into a vampire. He kills a guy and drinks his blood.


Brave and the Bold #193 has Batman fight a terrorist named Bloodclaw on a bridge. Batman judo tosses him off the bridge, an old move we’ve seen many times. To be fair, this time he feels bad about killing the guy.


Batman has never had a problem killing vampires. Which is extra weird since he was turned into one and cured not that long ago. Nevertheless, he stakes one in Brave and the Bold #195 without worrying about it.


This isn’t a kill but it could have been. In Batman #278, Batman catches Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents. He puts a gun to his head but right before he can pull the trigger, Reaper shoots him. Batman and Reaper fight and Reaper falls off a building. Right before he does he tells Batman he realizes he IS a killer. And to be fair, Batman doesn’t throw a rope around him or anything and just lets him fall.

son-of-the-demon-batman-kills son-of-the-demon-batman-kills-more

In Son of the Demon, Batman first causes a helicopter crash which kills everyone aboard. Later, he electrocutes Qayin, an assassin who killed Ra’s al Ghul’s wife. Before all that he dodges a gunman who ends up shooting barrels of toxic waste that kill him but that’s kind of on that guy.


Batman and Superman team up to fight a female vampire in Action Comics Annual #1. You know how Batman treats vampires. He stakes Skeeter through the back to save Superman.

the-cult-batman-kills the-cult-batman-kills-again the-cult-batman-kills-some-more

Oh man. The Cult is a weird comic. Deacon Blackfire first drugs Batman who goes on a killing spree. Once he recovers he uses the Batmobile to blow up a building that a henchman with a rocket launcher is on. Finally, Batman cripples the Deacon and convinces his followers to kill him. Robin even tries to step in to save the guy and Batman stops him. Yikes.


In Batman #420, Batman decides to lock KGBeast in a room and let him starve to death. That’s pretty brutal. A later writer retconned this to allow KGBeast to escape but that doesn’t change the fact that Batman tried to kill him.


Just a handful of issues later, in Batman #425, Batman fights some thugs in a car lot. He topples some cars and crushes one of them but thinks to himself that the guy could always get out of the way so it’s that guy’s fault.


In Cosmic Oddyssey, Batman fights one of Darkseid’s minions. He shoots it with a sci-fi gun and kills it. But the Parademons aren’t animals. They’re sentient. They wear clothes. Batman shoots it anyway.


Bruce Wayne knocks an assassin off a cliff in Legends of the Dark Knight #1. Whoopsie doopsie.

batman-1989-batman-kills-with-batmobile batman-1989-batman-kills-bellfry-henchman batman-1989-batman-kills-joker

In the 1989 Batman movie, Batman blows up a factory full of Joker’s henchmen. Later he fights one of them in a bell tower and throws him down the shaft to his death. Finally, he causes Joker to fall from the tower to his death. Killing machine!


Here’s an especially gruesome one. Batman kicks some criminals into the back of a garbage truck where they are crushed to death. Detective Comics #613.

detective-annual-4-batman-kills detective-annual-4-batman-kills-again

The timetraveler Waverider visits the future in Detective Comics Annual #4. Batman kills Ra’s al Ghul. But he knows Talia will put him in the Lazarus Pit and revive him so he returns to finish him off. But it went wrong. Nevertheless, Batman blows up all of the League of Assassins including both his beloved, Talia al Ghul, and himself. Lovely.

batman-returns-batman-kills-again batman-returns-batman-kills batman-returns-batman-kills-penguin

In the 1992 movie Batman Returns, Batman intentionally kills three people. He kills two of the Red Triangle Circus Gang at the beginning of the movie. One by attaching a bomb to him and knocking him into a basement and another by burning him alive with the Batmobile’s jets. At the end of the movie he releases a bunch of bats to distract and scare Penguin who backs up and falls to his death.