Aliens and Batgirl coming from Diamond Select Toys

Vincent   June 3, 2015   Comments Off on Aliens and Batgirl coming from Diamond Select Toys


I was digging through the old email bag the other day and a couple of items from Diamond Select caught my eye. In the interest of trying to post more (ahem) and to show you all the cool things that I think are cool, I’d thought I’d pass them along.

The above Batgirl from Diamond Select Toys is friggen sweet looking. A lot of these type of items they make are just busts. This is a full on statue of Batman the Animated Series Batgirl with an asking price of 45 bucks. That’s pretty affordable compared to pretty much any other statue I’ve seen at comic shops that I think looks cool.


Awhile ago we ran a contest where we gave away some cool Diamond Select Aliens Minimates. The first round of Aliens Minimates were super cool, but the Colonial Marines were mostly third tier. Well, Diamond Select put out some two packs of the figures with Ripley being one of them and they just announced that in the fall they’re releasing another series featuring even more Aliens, Marines, another Ripley, and Newt. Cool stuff. Newt kinda looks like a more grown up version… if she hadn’t been killed off in Alien 3. Wait. I pretend that didn’t happen, so she didn’t die.