Alien: Isolation – Alien Action to Scare Your Pants Off

Vincent   January 9, 2014   Comments Off on Alien: Isolation – Alien Action to Scare Your Pants Off

Wow, the trailer for Alien: Isolation came out of nowhere (for me at least)! I wasn’t expecting a new Alien game so soon after the huge debacle of Aliens: Colonial Marines, but here we are! This time it’s a pretty unique take on the Aliens genre. All the other games to feature the Aliens have been action orientated shoot em ups. This one is survival horror that harkens back to the feel of the original flick… claustrophobic and under equipped to face the Alien threat. It looks like Alien danger is in the blood, because Alien: Isolation features Ripley’s daughter on the Nostromo.

You’ll probably remember Ripley’s daughter from the cut scene in Aliens where Ripley learns her daughter has grown old and died by the time she’s awakened. I never imagined she had adventures of her own.

While I still want another good Aliens shoot em up, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one with great interest. Hopefully it won’t be another additon to the garbage pile of horrible Alien themed, but can make it into elite few Alien games that don’t suck.