Ahh the ’90s: Dracula… The Series!


I’ll admit it. I miss the ’90s. Yeah, the ’80s ruled, but I came of age in the ’90s. I realize this is making me old, but to hell with it. I figured I’d take some time to spotlight some of the little known corners of my world from the ’90s to inform and entertain. Today I turn my attention to an old favorite, Dracula: The Series.

There are about two people that will probably remember the syndicated television series called Dracula: The Series and that’s a damned shame. The show was and still is amazing. Amazingly bad? Hells yeah, but it’s fun in the same way that laughing about MC Hammer is fun (haha big pants). The show premiered in 1990 and it featured two kids named Chris and Max who had to move to Transylvania because of their mother’s work. When they get there they have to live with their Uncle named GustavĀ Helsing. Yeah, I bet you can figure out the connection. There’s also a girl that’s always around who is a love interest for Chris, but I don’t remember her connection to the group nor do I care. The kids must fight Alexander Alucard and as any player of Castivania Symphony of the Night can tell you, that’s Dracula spelled backwards and that means trouble.

This aint no normal castle dwelling, blood sucking vampire either. Alucard runs a huge multinational corporation and has a lot of power at his disposal. He’s kind of a strange mix between modern and old vampire, he can walk around in the sun thanks to his scientific research into sunblock, but he stalks victims in the old school outfit made popular by Bela Lugosi. It’s the perfect blend of old school and new school and yeah, the old style vampire outfit is corny as hell, but that’s part of the fun.

So basically Dracula the Series just isn’t bad, it’s bad fun. Sometimes it’s cringe inducing bad, but to me that can mean a good time. If you miss the 90s and want some laughs, you should totally check it out if you get the chance. And yeah, I have to add by law that it’s about 100% more awesome than Twilight.

  • lamartherevenger

    I barely remember this series.. Just like that Werewolf one…

  • You can count me in as one of the two…

    I used to LOVE that series!!! Sadly, seems like it’s just the two of us. Also LOVE the 90s and sometimes it makes me sad that they had to go.

    I’m in the middle of a 4-month holiday in Brazil and, during the rainy month of January, I spent most of the time downloading those long lost series. Not sure you’ll appreciate the other ones I’ve got though! Although you did confess to appreciate Dracula for being so bad, it’s good…

    Where’s that time machine when we need it???

  • Hah thanks for the comment Livia. Glad to meet the only other person on Earth that loves the show.