Advent Figure Review Day 4: G.I. Joe’s Data Viper

Vincent   December 4, 2013   Comments Off on Advent Figure Review Day 4: G.I. Joe’s Data Viper


Today I’m reviewing an action figure as a part of Action Figure advent calendar. It’s a new review every day through Christmas! I’m really glad to be a part of it. Be sure to check out the other blogs that are a part of this fun.

Doing this post reminds me of that fact that Christmas was one of the few times a year I got action figures. Sure I’d get a few here and there the rest of the year, but overall Christmas time was the day I’d get most of my action figure goodness for that year. Anyone else have that kind of set up?

G.I. Joe Data Viper

Anyway, today I’m writing about the Cobra Data Viper. I recently got the Data Viper from the anemic smattering of G.I. Joes that have been coming out over the last year or so. I’d looked forward to this figure for some time, ever since I saw him at Joe Con, because I just love his look. It’s so sci-fi, but it’s a really nice aesthetic.


If you ever followed any of my toy writing work you might know that I’m a nostalgia based collector. If something doesn’t remind me of my youth I usually won’t bite. Well, this figure reminds me of my youth in a different way. He’s not a remake of a figure I had in the past, rather he reminds me of the days when I used to use G.I. Joe figures with my Star Wars toys. I used to have epic Star Wars adventures that mixed in any figure that could fit into the scale. Any Cobra figure that looked like it could be a special unit from the Empire made it’s way into the adventures. The Data Viper certainly would have found a home in my childhood imagination. This is the type of figure that would help out in the Millennium Falcon or ride shotgun with Robocop.


Basically, I like the Data Viper because he’s versatile. He’s got some crazy arm thingies that could be weapons or maybe they plug into a computer. He’s got the shoulder mounted rockets (I’m assuming), the antenna blade on the back, the rad helmet, the satellite dish. And while it would have been nice to get a file card (seriously, G.I. Joes without file cards is like heresy), you need a good amount of imagination to fill in the blanks with the Data Viper.


Now here’s the bad part both from adult me and kid me. This thing is super fragile. With all of his pieces hooked on him he can fall apart extremely easily. To make matters worse, the arm piece on his right hand falls off all the time. The peg that holds it together isn’t thick enough to keep it in place. Blah! This would have been most assuredly glued together by my Dad.

Aside from the semi broken arm bit, I can’t imagine this guy not falling apart while trying to play with him. Kid me would have been extremely frustrated. Furthermore, he’s got so many pieces that I’m sure that I’d have lost at least half of his parts within the first few minutes of opening his package.

On a side note, while I can totally accept it, my girlfriend thought it was silly that the Data Viper has two helmets. Hmm in my world a soldier can’t have enough cool helmets, I guess.


These problems aside, if you’re going to keep him on a shelf once he’s all set up, he’s a great looking figure and he’s a new essential figure to have on my shelf.