Action Figure Review: Hot Toys Joker 2.0

Chris Piers   April 18, 2013   Comments Off on Action Figure Review: Hot Toys Joker 2.0

I was fortunate enough to pre-order the new Hot Toys Joker 2.0 based on the movie The Dark Knight. If I had any hesitance over the $275 price tag, it went away when I received this piece last week. And now that it seems to be sold out on every online story I’ve checked, I have zero regrets. My goal here is to showcase the gorgeous sculpt by Hot Toys and share some photos. If you decide you want one, I’d recommend checking out physical stores. Your local comic shop may carry one, for instance.


Here is the Joker on his base. See those tiny lights in the front? They turn into spotlights once you put in 3 AAA batteries. There’s an on/off switch on the back. Read on to see what else comes with this piece.

The first thing you get is a very large, very purple box. A striking illustration of a devil joker that mirrors the ones on his playing cards graces the front of the box.

The box opens like a foldout book, with an embedded magnet to keep it closed. Inside, it’s painted in glossy “Ha ha” graphics that remind me of the fantastic Brian Bolland illustration from the Alan Moore classic, “The Killing Joke.” There’s a large “Why So Serious?” on the inside flap, like in the film’s marketing materials. Then there is a second cover panel with a Joker playing card.


The cover panel has a cloth tag and the underside is foam. The cover panel itself is a heavy cardstock. The Hot Toys figures are very protected. Beneath the cover is molded foam and a cardboard layer with labels.


Finally, we get to the figure itself and it’s beautiful. It looks so much like Heath Ledger’s Joker that it’s a bit eerie. The clothes are an exact replica of what was worn in the film. The overcoat is a soft velvet and you can remove it. The head and hands are also removable and there are other options in the box.

The sculpt and paint job on the head is really fantastic. It’s a 1/6th size person. Just stunning. Inside his coat there is a gold chain from his waistcoat to trousers. He’s wearing a shirt, tie, vest, coat and overcoat but even though it’s all cloth, it hangs well and doesn’t bulk up anywhere. The overcoat has a silk orange lining to it.

Joker is very, very poseable. Here are the poseable features I’m aware of: neck, eyes, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, thighs, knees, ankles. While you probably don’t want to loosen up such a valuable figure with tons of poses, he can duplicate anything you’ve seen in the film, especially once you start using the accessories that he comes with.


The back of his main head (he has a second) has a magnetic removable piece. While this is creepy as hell, it allows you access to a knob that will rotate his eyes so that you can have him look any direction you wish. This helps enhance poses by letting him look up with his head lowered or far to the side like he’s paranoid.

I’ve moved his eyes so that he’s looking to his right in the image below. It’s very easy and one of my favorite features.

Here you can see the main foam layer that the figure comes in. The second head features the Joker laughing and then 6 sets of additional hands. With these, he can point, hold weapons, be in handcuffs and otherwise gesture dramatically. Half of them are in his purple gloves and half are bare, so that you could mimic his interrogation scene for example.


Beneath that layer is a playset. This adds the most weight to the box because the chair and table are metal. Very sturdy. There’s also a lamp with a cord that you can plug into the table. While it doesn’t light up, it adds versimilitude. There is also some thick cardboard walls and some foam with sticky backing. You can replicate the interrogation room and the paint job on the walls is fantastic. If you bought the Hot Toys Commissioner Gordon or Batman figures, there’s almost nothing you can’t do in here.

Here’s a photo of the accessories you can give to the Joker. There’s a handgun with extra large clip, a submachine gun with a collapsible stock, and a shotgun that you can actually pump. He also has dollar bills that have been painted with the Joker face and a set of playing cards that consists of only joker cards.

The handcuffs can be placed on the Joker easily since his hands pop off and on. He has blades that you can attach to the toe of his shoe, a pencil that can be placed upright in a tiny hole on the table, a simple shiv, a butterfly knife that is hinged and can collapse, and a knife that slides in and out like a box cutter. As tiny as these weapons are, they almost all work or have some functionality. Definitely don’t let pets or small children near this because they are tiny.

Finally, here’s one small example of what you can do with the figure, based on a famous scene from the movie:

Hot Toys figures come with a high price tag but they back it up with rock-solid construction, poseability, accessories and their world-famous sculpts. If you have the means, I strongly recommend hunting one down.