About The Robot’s Pajamas

The Robot’s Pajamas was founded in 1887 and is all about geeky things including movies, comics, toys, and games. We’ve got all kinds of hilarious, cool, and otherwise great things to distract you from your boring and/or horrible life.

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Your Faithful Staff


Editor in Chief, Designer, Writer

Vincent created Robot’s Pajamas as an outlet for his geeky interests and point of view. His most famous hits include Religious Tract Reviews, and Star Trek Voyager Torture. He’s also the voice of Robot’s Pajamas on Twitter.

Chris Piers

Head Writer, Artist
Twitter: @chrispiers

Chris has been writing for The Robot’s Pajamas since 2012. He is best known for his Star Trek Problems comic strip, his Theme Weeks, and his yearly Horror Month curation of reviews. He posts a lot for Robot’s Pajamas on its Facebook Page. He has illustrated comics including Trickster and Colonial Comics


Website: McFumunda.com

Matty was co-host of the now dormant Robot’s Pajama party podcast. He currently is engaging in stand up comedy acts.