A Year and a Half Later, Harry Knowles Promises His Webshow Will Debut

Harry Knowles credits Wes Craven with a John Carpenter movie

Back in early September of 2013, Harry Knowles, who writes about what he feels when he sees movies on Aint it Cool News, successfully funded a Kickstarter to continue his webshow, Aint it Cool. The first season underperformed on Nerdist’s YouTube channel but Harry wanted to do more episodes so he turned to Kickstarter. He ultimately raised $128,000 (reasonably above his goal of $100,000). Then came the controversy. Rewards weren’t delivered, updates on the Kickstarter page weren’t delivered, and Harry actually began banning people on his site who asked about it, according to dozens of posters. Apparently, he has indeed finished his new webseries because he announced at a film festival (not on his Kickstarter page to his actual backers) that he would be premiering the show first on his local PBS station.

Initially, he strongly implied that his backers would get to see the show online first, but that apparently will not be the case as it PBS station KLRU in Austin will air the seven episodes beginning February 7th at 7pm. Below is a trailer for his second season. Unfortunately, many of the clips he used appear to be repurposed cut footage from season one or at the least completed from almost two years ago so we are left wondering how this footage can still be relevant? Also, his Kickstarter promised there would be a studio audience (it was even a reward) but the footage gives no indication that has been added. Perhaps most egregiously for a supposed film review show, the highlight reel he presents indicates that his guest Wes Craven directed Prince of Darkness. That movie was actually directed by John Carpenter.

[vimeo 115006645 w=500 h=281]

Backers must surely be wondering where their money has gone to produce just 7 short episodes when content creators like Red Letter Media produce hour-long episodes of movie reviews on a nearly weekly basis with big sets and regularly have guests join them! It will be interesting to see if the criticism begins to go away now that Knowles has come through with his web show as promised. Will his backers speak up about receiving their rewards? Will we learn what additional funding PBS may have provided and where the money actually went? Time will tell.

  • Stiv Bators

    Hey! that’s pretty much what I said word for word on the Austin Chronicle website
    but it’s OK because it is true, so you can go with it.

    I did notice the set in the teaser is exactly the same as in season one, but I remember him saying
    some of the money was going to a super cool new set, I guess it just bought more toys & Chalupas.

  • Queefer Sutherland

    The super cool new thing is a vibrating, whirling butt-plug on his chair. It makes his voice higher.

  • Skewed_View

    I’m just really curious to find out what kind of funding KLRU provided, since the show was already fully funded. was $100,000 not enough to make seven episodes? Why even turn to the Austin PBS station anyway? If you were able to make the show as promised, just load the darn things to youtube, first listing them as private only for the backers to see, then open them to the public.

  • Guest

    I’m not sticking up for Harry, but it doesn’t actually say that Wes Craven directed Prince of Darkness- the credit simply implies that Wes Craven IS a Prince of Darkness. :)

  • Pwesents

    Harry Knowles is a fat fucking fraud. Someone needs to tip him out of his wheelchair and just piss all over him. I keep on suggesting this at AICN when I’m drunk and I keep on getting banned from commenting

  • Harry Knowles

    Harry Knowles needs to get raped by a large animal. It might be worse for the animal, dealing with some shitster Associated Grocers store

  • If you guys want to crack jokes, comment about the Kickstarter, abuse the show in an interesting manner, or question Harry’s motives, please ago ahead. However, I’ve grown tired of seeing comments straight up calling Harry a fat fuck and saying he should be raped. Those kinds of comments will be deleted.

  • Chris Piers

    If that’s the case, his credits are inconsistent because his first guest in his reel reads a name, slash, house of cards. Because it’s the creator of House of Cards.

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    Add me to the list of folks who can say they were banned by the Ginger Hoarder and Kim Jong Nordling for mentioning the KS debacle in talkbacks in AICN.

  • Big Jim

    Same here. Made a few comments one morning, nothing incendiary or cruel or crass, only to find that afternoon I’d been banned. I’d replied to a couple of people, my comments on par with theirs in content and tone, yet they managed to avoid the ban hammer. I was generally much more civil than a lot of people who are still there. I don’t know why. I guess I just found myself on the wrong side of the wrong person on the wrong day.

  • MonsieurVerdoux

    I wont even remotely pretend I was civil, but still pretty tame compared to some of the folks who escaped the ban

  • Very interesting read.

    Austinite understudyheroes • 10 hours ago

    According to the scuttlebut going around, the version of the show that will be aired was *completely* funded by a VSA Texas grant, in combination with the PBS affiliate deal for airing the show.

    Believe me, there are some people VERY unhappy about the whole thing. Including some at the VSA who were apparently completely unaware of the whole kickstarter thing until much later, after it was too late to do anything about.

    But don’t believe me, folks, anyone in Austin who knows anyone in those circles, please ask and then report back yourselves. This isn’t that big of a secret around town, a little digging in the right circles and you’ll hear it all easily enough. And the more of you that are able to do so, the better. Because this is a story that should be told, and it is no surprise at all that related talkbacks are being ‘disabled’ to avoid the chances of this getting out into the talkbacker community, so that people don’t start asking uncomfortable questions. Like just where did all that kickstarter money go to, exactly? And just why is Harry, who seems to have deliberately chosen to live with his ‘disability’ out of little more than laziness, now using it as an excuse to suck funds away from non able bodied artists who truly need the assistance, in order to fund his own little ego fest that was supposed to have been successfully funded already to begin with? Just for starters.

    I really wish we could get an actual investigative journalist to delve into this stuff, and uncover all this dirty laundry and print it up for the whole world to see. Because it seems that no low is too low for the self serving Harry Knowles, and the rest of the world, particularly those who still blind themselves to his transgressions, need to be made aware of just the kind of person that he truly is, in a way that is far more powerful, and indisputable, than someone just posting on a talkback forum like I am doing here.

  • ^^ featured comment right there ^^

  • Harry Knowles

    I’m going on a drinking binge when Harry finally dies. Or when he gets raped by a gorilla

  • Chris Piers

    I reached out to Harry for an interview to set the record straight. He replied that he had made 7 episodes, 1 more than promised and that was it. I don’t want to make fun of Harry or insult him. I would like to hear him address how the money was spent, especially since there was additional funding beyond the Kickstarter. He did not want to do that with me and that’s fair. I hope he does it with someone else.

  • Chris Piers

    I’m not sure if KLRU/PBS contributed any funds but apparently VSA did contribute funds. They are an art association in Austin that provides funds for the arts to those that are disabled. It’s not clear what the qualifications for that are or how much they contributed or if they were aware the show was being funded by Kickstarter. I reached out to Harry for an interview but he was not interested.