A Tribute to an Unsung Hero: Thirty Thirty


Robot. Horse. Hero.

There are people out there making a difference every day that somehow don’t get the recognition that they deserve. They don’t seek fame or fortune, they just are out there helping others and doing good. Well, it’s high time that we recognize some of these individuals for their positive impact on society. Today, we take a look at the cyborg horse from the future, Thirty Thirty.

This will be about the last thing you see if you "mess with New Texas."

This will be about the last thing you see if you "mess with New Texas."

Thirty Thirty lives on the planet New Texas and helps Marshall Bravestarr fight the evils of such villains as Tex Hex and “Two faced” Dingo Dan. What’s interesting about Thirty Thirty is that he’s not some run-of the mill, lame horse like the kind that little girls adore. No, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and blow some holes in some bad guy ass with his trusty gun, Sara Jane. That’s right, he named his gun and he’s in love with it. In essence, he loves his gun because he loves to kill. Hell, he’s even named after a gun. Why would you even consider messing with someone named after a gun?

Just Thirty Thirty’s glorious mane of hair is alone to let you know that this talking robot horse is a true hero, like Wayne Gretzky, but more horse like. If Thirty Thirty drove a car, it would probably be a cherry Camero and your girlfriend would leave you for him, because he had a better ride.

Thirty Thirty is a techno-horse that will get shit done. And don’t think about crossing him, he’ll give you shovel fulls of attitude. In fact, I’d like to call it baditude, because if you’re a bad guy he’ll totally shoot your belly full of sparkly lasers and you’ll have to like it. One minute you’ll be robbing space prairie dog people and the next you’ll be dead. That’s justice… NEW TEXAS STYLE.


So useful.

Still not convinced? You can totally ride Thirty Thirty into battle. Yeah, he’s a functional horse. Bravestarr really lucked out when he got his partner. He couldn’t ride a normal cop around town and if he did, it would be incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

People let me tell you about my best friend. He's a robot horse.

People let me tell you about my best friend. He's a robot horse.

Thirty Thirty we salute you. Thank you for stopping those no good outlaws on New Texas by turning them into red mist with the help of Sara Jane. You don’t ask anything in return. Well, maybe you ask for a space carrot now and then and the occasional sugar cube, but that’s it. You don’t ask to be treated like a hero. It’s your job to protect the oddballs that live on New Texas and you do it well.

  • Matty

    This has got to be giving SOMEONE a boner.

  • Matty: I found a picture of Thirty Thirty that you might be interested in….

  • Jason P

    I remember this show… I even had an action figure of Bravestarr, with a pop-out blaster in his chest. However, I do NOT remember Thirty Thirty.

  • He was the best part of the show!

  • lamartherevenger

    I gotta watch that now tonight. It’s on at 2am.

  • I recently saw the Bravestarr complete series for $10, I might have to pick it up now…

  • Where!? I want!!!