A Tale of Two Kirks

Vincent   September 29, 2009   1 Comment on A Tale of Two Kirks

Babette and I were out shopping for Halloween costumes the other day, because we actually got invited to a Haloween party. I know, it’s crazy! Anyway, we really got a kick out of the difference between models for the Star Trek Captain Kirk costume.

First you have this guy:


And then you have this guy in the plus size category:


I’m just going to make a guess that the second guy (aka Pumpkin Head) is the more likely to dress up like Captain Kirk this Halloween than the first dude. Dude number one is too handsome for Star Trek, but Pumpkin Head is just right.

And if you were wondering what Babette and I decided on for this Halloween, I am going as the “Love Guru” and she’s going as Stewie from Family Guy. We’ll be the bells of the ball for sure!

  • Pumkin’ Head

    Hey…How did you know I was going as Kirk