A Salute to Film Legend Sven-Ole Thorsen


While some actors’ performances can be measured in the amount of great roles they’ve played like Lionel Barrymore or Henry Fonda, other actors have shined in brief and fleeting moments on screen. Take for instance Sven-Ole Thorson. You might be wondering who he is, but if you’re a geek or a man you are no doubt familiar with his work. He’s been in some of the biggest sci-fi flicks of all time like Predator. In fact, he’s in almost every single Schwarzenegger film. Here’s the full run down:

Conan the Barbarian
Conan the Destroyer
Raw Deal
The Running Man
Red Heat
Last Action Hero
End of Days
Collateral Damage

I think it’s clear by now that not only is Sven-Ole Thorsen a genius that has changed the way we think of film, but he was also a weightlifting buddy of Schwarzenegger’s.

Some other films that benefited from Sven-Ole Thosen’s craft include Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, Cyborg 2, and Mallrats. Clearly, Thorsen knew how to choose his projects carefully.


One of the best things about watching any of these films is the joy it brings when recognizing him in the briefest of seconds he appears on screen. Remember the Russian dude that Arnold offs near the beginning of Predator? That was Sven-Ole Thorsen. Remember the bodyguard/thug/henchman in almost any movie that gets killed by Schwarzenegger? Pure Sven-Ole Thorsen. It’s like a stolen glimpse at a rainbow or a sexy unicorn.

Even with all these film accomplishment it was on television where Thorsen made his greatest impact. You see, Thorsen was Tank on Captain Power and the Soldiers of the future:


Captain Power holds a special place in my heart and tank had a big part of it. Dude here wore a robot suit in that show in the battle against an evil empire as a Soldier of the Future. How could I have not loved him in Captain Power?

Sven-Ole Thorsen, I salute you.

  • Ian

    I loved that show! I had the cool jet that you could shoot at the screen when the show was on. Coolest toy ever! When ever I would see Mr. Thorsen in a movie I would always be like “Hey there is that dude from Captain Power”