A Klingon Cartoon Would Be Sweet

Vincent   October 27, 2009   Comments Off on A Klingon Cartoon Would Be Sweet

Klingon soldiers marching

The world needs more cartoons of Klingons being awesome. I mean, the fat dude Trekkies that dress up like Klingons kind of pissed on the whole concept of the Klingon warrior culture being totally bad ass, but this Klingon propaganda cartoon really helps to brings them back to their former glory.

I really don’t know what this is supposed to be from, maybe a movie or a game? Regardless, I really enjoyed the badassary on display here. The ‘toon is associated with this link. I went ahead and signed up for the mailing list, so hopefully it’s not some crazy method scheme for creating a spam list of uber nerds.

Via: Topless Robot