A Kickstarter Worth Supporting: A Filmed Adaptation of Chick Tract’s Dungeons & Dragons Comic

We at The Robot’s Pajamas love reviewing Chick Tracts. They’re crazy. The all-time favorite is probably Dark Dungeons, which we reviewed here. What could be better than our snarky commentary? How about someone creating it as a short film and playing it completely serious? That’s what filmmaker JD Rawls wants to do and he’s already got the rights to do it!

JD won the lottery (not the jackpot) and decided to roll the money into something to entertain people. After getting the rights from Jack T. Chick, he’s started up a Kickstarter to raise additional funds to make it better. It’s still a pretty modest afair but it seems to me that a completely straight film based on a story attacking RPGs from every angle could be very, very funny. Check out his video and if you want to donate, visit his Kickstarter page.