A Good Star Wars MMO? Looks Like Old Republic Might Be It


Star Wars Galaxies was one of the best ideas ever. Take Star Wars and make a massively multiplayer game. Unfortunately, it sucked major balls. Bioware has taken on Star Wars and now the upcoming Star Wars Old Republic is poised to make awesome what once was ass.

The major flaw here is that the game is still an MMO. I loved the first two Knights of the Old Republic games to death, but I hate, literally hate MMOs. The only one on my plate that I’m willing to give a shot is the upcoming Star Trek MMO from Cryptic and even with that I’m hesitate. Still, if Old Republic can bank on the IP being close enough to Star Wars without breaking your sense of disbelief it should really work. You know what happened in the movies and how the Star Wars universe works. It’s hard to believe a lot of what I saw in Galaxies could have happened just off screen. With Old Republic, you don’t have those kinds of limitations. In other words, you can have lots of people doing dumbshit things like camping bosses or looting Rancors without stomping on the believability of what you saw in the movies, while still having fun with lightsabers.

Fuck. I think I just convinced myself that I need to try this.

And I know you nerds are out there. Is that Darth Revin? Hot damn, I still need his action figure, but never got it due to jerk ass scalpers.

Thanks to: Great White Snark for pointing this out.

  • Wow. I do not need to get into playing an MMO but this clip looks very tempting. I can’t wait to see actual game play screens.

  • I finally got a Revan a few months ago, apparently a case of older figures popped up and no one seemed to notice.

  • EasternReaper31

    My son loving the new Star Wars games, I hop this lives up to the hype for his sake.