A Bride Shows Off and a Boxer Looks Like an Idiot

Vincent   April 14, 2009   Comments Off on A Bride Shows Off and a Boxer Looks Like an Idiot

For those of you who remember the picture of the bride with more cleavage than anyone would ever think would be on display during a wedding day comes another lovely wedding where the bride decided that everyone in the universe needed to see her rack:


Nothing says class more than, “Hey, check out my wife’s jugs!” on your wedding day, especially when they’re kind of saggy and she’s got a butter face.

Apparently women aren’t alone in totally making themselves look like tools on their wedding day. I also found a rather interesting picture of a groom that, well frankly is insanely hilarious:


There should be an international law where anyone who isn’t black that wears something like this is sentenced to death immediately.

It’s also interesting to note that this guy is an Italian boxer. My guess is that he got his common sense punched out of his brain a long time ago. I mean, why is he marrying a piece of bacon with a wig?

Thanks to: Tacky Weddings