8 Aliens Video Games that Don’t Suck

As a fan of Aliens the last Aliens game by Sega, Aliens: Colonial Marines was an unmitigated disaster. Most people think there haven’t been any good Aliens related games. Today I present 8 Aliens Games that Don’t Suck:


1. Aliens vs. Predator 1 and 2 (PC) – Tie: Sure it’s not strictly aliens, but there’s who levels where you fight as a marine vs. the Aliens or as Aliens vs. marines. There was also some amazing (for the time) online play. Playing as the marine is super satisfying with all the right weapons and sound effects, but even better are the Alien levels. The second game opens up with you playing as a Face Hugger. So, so sweet.


3. Aliens vs. Predator (Capcom Arcade): I love side scrolling beat-em-ups and in particular I love Capcom beat-em-ups. Their take on AvP was a perfect match of the world of AvP and the genre of side scrollers. Here’s a review of AvP by Capcom I wrote long, long ago in a galaxy full of acid blooded monsters.


4. Aliens (Commodore 64): One of the most faithful translations to the movie I’ve ever seen. It has every major scene in the movie! That’s a pretty cool achievement for such an old game.

For a really detailed analysis of Aliens for the C64, be sure to read this in depth look into it that was featured on this very site.


5. Aliens: Extermination (Arcade): This one has is a little older, but it’s still fairly easily found at places like Dave and Busters. You can’t beat the fact that the controllers are pulse rifles.


6. Aliens (Arcade game): Okay this one got really weird with all the different kinds of Xenomorphs that show up, like some zombies, but you couldn’t beat this sucker when it came out. Here’s a review I wrote on the game that goes more in depth on the zaniness.


7. Alien 3 (Sega Genesis): The graphics might have not been that spectacular even at the time and it was based on one of the weaker films in the franchise, but this was a solid side scrolling adventure. The thunk noise of the grenade launcher is forever burned into my memory.


8. Aliens vs. Predator (Xbox 360, PS3): I might take some heat on this one, but the marine levels that feature just Aliens are pretty good. Basically, it’s a good Aliens game for about 1/3 of the way through until you play as the Predator with god awful controls. Until then, enjoy the ride! (Here’s my original impressions of the game)

  • Ian

    I did not know there was a Alien vs. Predator Capcom arcade game. I always loved the side scrolling Capcom games.

  • The game could be amazing, game of the year, if it wasn’t so ruehsd, the single player was short and recycled, and the FPS of the marine was very basic, and the online servers were pretty bad, if they improved these in a possible sequel, it would truly be amazing.

  • Botsgeek

    I know this is years after this article was written, but seriously, no love for AvP for the Atari Jaguar?

  • RobotsPJs

    Couldn’t talk about it because I never played it.

  • Botsgeek

    I played it with Project Tempest, the Jaguar emulator. My personal favourite is playing as the xenomorph.