7 Great Star Wars Re-Edits

Star Wars Poster

Vincent and I decided to have a mini-Star Wars re-edit marathon. The internet is full of shitty fan films and re-edits. Well we’ve collected some of the best Star Wars ones for you all in one handy place! You can laugh now and thank us later!

The Perils of Eating a Cheeseburger

Poor Porkins.

Porkins Let’s it Rip

Very simple… but if fart jokes make you laugh then here you go. You may notice that many of these videos are Porkins related. Coincidence?

More Porkins Scenes

This one is more of a Star Wars fan film than a re-edit, but hot damn is it funny. It tells a complete story too!

Snub Fighter

It features a Luke Skywalker who has about as many problems as one could reasonably expect from a kid who never flew in an advanced military aircraft before or who was never in a military unit.

The Longest Death Scene in Star Wars

Red Leader’s long death scene is both extremely sad and hilarious.

Hey, Look What I Can Do!

One of my all time favorite fan-edits is this video. It’s so simple and stupid, but it never fails to make me laugh.

Greedo Shot First

This fan re-edit of one of the most famous creator re-edits of all time has a painfully long and pointless 30 second intro. Skip it and get to the new Han vs. Greedo scene featuring an epic duel between the two combatants.

  • Chris Piers

    I never get tired of these. They make me laugh every time.