5 Terrifying Motels You Would Never Want to Visit

scary hotel

Forget supposedly haunted hotels and motels. Let’s just look at the ideas where the creep factor is off the charts for real reasons. Bad ideas plus the middle of nowhere seem to end up creating a themed place to stay that is ripe for disease or violence. I think most people would prefer to sleep in their car over any of these joints. Let me know if you agree.

Clown Motel


Located in the middle of the desert is creepy enough. It’s about halfway between Las Vegas, NV and Reno, NV. But then you add in the clown theme which includes hundreds of clown dolls in every room. Then you add in the fact that there’s a huge, ancient graveyard in the backyard. As soon as the sun sets, this place must be pure terror. Look up any review and you’ll find some people that were scared by strange sounds or waking up to clown dolls staring at them. But the scariest has to be the guy who looked out his bathroom window at night only to see a guy in a clown costume humping a sandwich and then slowly looking up to the window and waving.

Igloo City

igloo city

Igloo City was the idea of somebody to create a massive hotel shaped like an igloo, back in the 1970s. It wasn’t built to code, though, so it never opened for business. It didn’t help that it’s located in the middle of Alaska, near nothing else of interest. It’s off the highway between Fairbanks and Anchorage so the idea was to get travelers that needed to spend the night. People will still pull over and take their photo but it’s never been open for business and is populated inside by vagrants who have made a mess of it. Decent place to get stabbed or buried under debris when it finally gives out.

Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn

skinny dicks halfway inn

Trust me, they’re very aware of the sexual connotation of their name. They have images of bears humping and other delightful imagery all over their inn. If you opt to stay there, you’ve got to be aware of what you’re potential in for. Like being humped by a guy in a bear costume.

Airline Motel

The Airline Motel is that rare breed of motel where the owners seem to want the place to go out of business. Like, they could not care less about cleaning it or dealing with customers. It’s in Muskegon, MI (e.g. the middle of nowhere) in a town that has a strip club and a lot of bored Juggalos. Just… read the signs they’ve posted.

South of the Border

How about the world’s biggest racist theme park? In the 1940s, a guy named Alan Schafer created what would become this monstrosity. North Carolina created a law limiting alcohol sales so Schafer built a beer stand just south of the border in South Carolina. It was a huge hit and it grew into a restaurant and truck stop and then a bunch of cheap motels, restaurants and gift shops. Schafer would go down to Mexico to negotiate for cheap Mexican-themed gifts and at one point hired two Mexican boys to work his motels. Everyone ignored their real names and called them Pedro and Pancho. Then eventually, they were both Pedro. So Pedro, a brownface caricature of a Mexican, became the mascot. Schafer put up 120 billboards along the highway on both sides, and it became a bit of a tourist trap. It’s in disrepair, the food is “okay” and the gifts are utter junk. Good place to get sick.


  • “Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn” XD i laughed so hard.

  • Chris Piers

    Yeah. It’s real. So strange.