2017 C2E2 Cosplay Explosion!


It was another awesome c2e2 adventure and I’ll get right to it and share the cosplay pics. Above you’ll see a nice lady dressed up as The Baroness and me, Vincent, guy behind dressed up as Billy from G.I. Joe? Whose Billy? Eh look him up. Billy is basically an excuse to wear the Storm Shadow costume without the mask. Oh and FYI nobody wants a picture of Stormshadow/Billy.


Here’s Baroness without my dumb mug. She’s enjoying a beer.


This guy was pretty much naked. I think he was running the booth back there. I have no idea who he’s supposed to be other than buff nearly naked guy.


Skeletor here was pretty great. He had all kinds of quips and insults that staff is super kick ass. He probably could have shaved a few more body hairs though, since it was a little weird seeing a treasure trail on good ole Skeletor.


This dude had a cool Star Trek mid transporter costume. The blinky lights don’t really look as good in the picture as much as they did in real life.


Wonder Woman and friend.


It was cool that Daft Punk could make it to c2e2 this year.


Very impressive costume. What is he supposed to be? Cable from X-Men in a Warhammer 40k suit?


There was a Dalek that was dressed as Kermit the Frog for some reason?


In a cute moment this little girl dressed up as Rey ran up to Kylo Ren and Rey for a picture.


Cell and Trunks were joined by some Naruto character. Cell and Trunks couldn’t walk for more than a foot before getting a ton of picture requests. I kinda felt sorry for them.


One Punch Man went in for a picture and he started directing them basically.


We encountered a very large Ewok.


Glenda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz had a really great dress.


Nearly naked Aquaman with a Stormtrooper who doesn’t have a blaster.


Hot ladies dressed as Batman villains.


Another hot lady Batman villain.


Lady Ash from Evil Dead was on hand. No pun intended.


Very square Iron Man and very thin Daredevil team up.


There were a BILLION Harley Quinns from Suicide Squad. They’ve replaced Slave Leias (there were none that I saw). And there were a bunch of Jokers to go with these Harley Quinns. This is probably the best combination I saw.


I sadly didn’t get a great pic of this guy. He’s Jack of Hearts from Marvel Comics and he had lights and smoke that came out of his costume.


Dark Phoenix and… some attractive woman character. I don’t know.


This Bob’s Burgers family was a big hit at the con. And it also features my pal Matty as Bob. You may remember Matty from the old Robot’s Pajamas podcast and his Magical Cosplay adventures (adventure 1 and adventure 2).


This guy had the original MST3K costume down pat. His Tom Servo even sported a signature from Joel Hodgson!


This Minimates themed Galactus was really cool. He had a staff that had the Fantastic Four in their Fantasticar and he had even better than that:


He had a little Silver Surfer hanging in front of him.


We came upon this a little late, but there was a Superman holding up Supergirl in a few different ways. It was cool, but also a little weird how close they were considering they are cousins and all.


This BB-8 costume was fantastic.


One of my favorite super villains and South Park characters is Professor Chaos. This guy had a great Professor Chaos costume.


Lady version of Barf from Space Balls was fantastic!


Even the cars get into the fun at c2e2! Someone had a Dodge Avenger (one of the shittiest cars on the road today) and they put a bunch of SHIELD stuff on it. Hey, if you got a crappy car make the most of it!


There was an acrobatic/pole dancing type group that had a Spider-Gwen sitting on a hoop pretty high up on the con floor. It was pretty cool. I took a short video for the full effect. Enjoy!

  • My spider sense is tingling! Wait… no. That’s something else.