2001 A Space Odyssey: Modernized!

Ever wondered what an older film would look like if it were being released today? Then look no further than this trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey fully modernized for today’s audiences!

This thing is brilliant. It’s got all the flashy cuts and musical cues you’d expect from a modern trailer. It also features some fairly major spoilage! As much as I want to bag on modern trailers though, it… did manage to build up some excitement in me even though I pretty much never need to see 2001 again.

Thanks to: IO9

  • Howie

    04.07.68 hah! Great find- this was awesome

  • Howie

    Sorry, meant to type 04.06.68. Stupid meat fingers

  • That was awesome!! Really gives away the ending as so many modern trailers do.

  • you dont like Kubrick’s movies? OMG!.. my heart is breaking :(.. i like this trailer a lot…you should definitely see this movie.