10 MORE of Hulk Hogan’s Embarrassing Ventures

Chris Piers   July 29, 2015   Comments Off on 10 MORE of Hulk Hogan’s Embarrassing Ventures

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Hulk Hogan has had better days. He’s divorced and clearly lost a lot of money in it. He’s been caught on camera going on a racist tirade, bringing up all sorts of questionable past outbursts. And he’ll put his name on anything that pays. To be fair, he has a history of doing that. Below are some of the more questionable ad ideas or lame products he’s associated himself with. If you enjoy it, you can read about 10 complete failures he’s had marketing his name or likeness on products in the past.

10. Hitachi Air Conditioner

In 1991, Hogan was hired to do a Japanese ad for Hitachi air conditioners. He sings about the days of the week and appears to be in heaven along with a baby. I don’t know what this has to do with air conditioning. I guess we can’t blame him for taking a paycheck, but what an incomprehensible, bizarre commercial. He said yes to this but no to the George Foreman Grill. I remain unconvinced this ad appealed to anyone. When I think of cooling my house down, I don’t think of Hulk Hogan in a thong singing to a baby.

9. Pummax Cleaner

Do you want to pay extra for a general use cleaner? If so, Hogan has the product for you: Pummax. Never heard of it? It’s a pumice-based cleaner that Hogan began endorsing in 2010. The tagline is a “Volcanic Explosion of Cleaning Power.” That sounds messy. Also, the logo is very plain. Since when is Hulk Hogan an expert on cleaning? Do maids and housekeepers watch a significant amount of wrestling? I’m trying to figure out the logic of why Hulk Hogan is a sensible spokesman for a cleaning product.

8. FunnBar

hogan funbarmania

If you’re into bodybuilding and you want candy, I guess FunnBar is for you. Because if you want candy, that’s not really what this is. It’s sugar and gluten free and high in fiber. It’s marketed as a candy for weightlifters by BPI Sports, who primarily make protein powder. In early 2015 they hired Hulk Hogan to talk up the FunnBar. It’s healthy candy. So if you want to cheat on your workout, why not do it with something that doesn’t quite taste good and is less bad for you than actual candy?

7. Vitamins

Okay, Hulk Hogan always talked about chewing your vitamins in his wrestling promos, so endorsing vitamins makes sense. He made this commercial where some kids cheer and he just says that it’s got his name on it. No mention of the benefits of these vitamins. Uh oh. Hogan began promoting these right before the early 90s WWF steroid trials. You can’t sell children’s vitamins if you’re being accused of being a steroid abuser (he admitted such in 1994) so the product came and went very fast.

6. Agless Male

hogan boner pills

You know Hulk Hogan lost all his money in his divorce when he starts hawking boner pills.

5. Super Beta Prostate

hogan prostate pills

Oh, now he’s talking about his butthole. But trust me, he’s about to go lower. Read on.

4. Hogan’s Beach

There’s a restaurant in Tampa, FL called Hogan’s Beach that got in trouble with the media for its clothing attire sign, which many believe is designed to limit black patrons. Here’s the list:

  • Plain white t-shirts or otherwise versized t-shirts extending past the mid thigh
  • Attire containing profanity
  • Sports or sleeveless jerseys
  • Excessively baggy attire
  • Low hanging pants or shorts
  • Do-rags, skull caps, or bandanas (at a Hulk Hogan-themed restaurant where the sign shows him wearing a do-rag)
  • Torn or soiled clothing
  • Work boots
  • Hats, caps, or visors worn sideways or back facing
  • Oversized or excessive jewelry
  • Camouflage (unless with military ID)
  • Workout clothing (including tracksuits, jumpsuits, sweatpants, basketball shorts, gym shorts, and mesh shorts)
  • High-top sneakers

The above promo video for it shows zero black people and some white people breaking the attire rules, like wearing camo shorts. TMZ talked to Hogan and he said he only licensed his name and he’d look into it. But Radar Online looked it up and they say the records list Hogan as the owner (or “registered agent.”)

3. LoanMart

LoanMart is a hideous business model. Basically, it tricks poor people into losing their car. What they do is offer instant loans to people with bad credit in exchange for holding the title to their car. If they pay off the loan (at massive interest rates), they get their car back. Obviously people with poor credit often fail to be able to pay back the loan at an inflated price. Hulk Hogan is happy to jump in and support LoanMart anyway. Gross.

2. Ultimate Grill

hogan grills best

As the story goes, Hulk Hogan failed to accept the opportunity to promote what became the George Foreman Grill. And it probably irritated him because he kind of just started accepting any old thing that came along. You can read about it in our original Hulk Hogan Failed Ventures. So eventually he wanted to release his own grill. And he did, in 2008. It received many poor reviews and ultimately was recalled because it was so poorly made it kept catching on fire. These days it’s been improved but it’s still just a copy of the Foreman Grill. And the first one to market has the audience. Look at how miserable he looks in the ad for it.

1. Body by Vi Pyramid Scheme Promoter

In 2014, Hulk Hogan became a paid representative for the Body by Vi weightloss program/pyramid scheme. It’s absolutely ruthless. You pay $499 to buy promotional materials to sell the Body by Vi protein shake stuff. Then, you get paid a commission on every sale you make over $200 within any given month. You also get compensated for people you recruit to sell this crap. It’s called Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and it’s evil, evil stuff. Any time you fail to meet your quota for the month, you’re out and you have to start over. If you sell at least $12,500 a month, Body by Vi will pay you $600 for a branded new BMW! Oh, but if you ever dip below that amount a month, you are now on the hook for the ongoing payments of that car. Hogan doesn’t care.