10 More Animated Gifs of Idiots Who Can’t Use Household Items Properly

We once had a big list of animated gifs taken from those As Seen on TV ads. People liked it. So here’s 10 more weirdos. There’s got to be a better way!

laundry problems

Maybe do some pushups and lift some weights.

cutting bread

Oh, so a doorstopper ISN’T a good knife substitute?

shoe troubles

If only her feet weren’t made of glue.

beach fail

He’s lucky no one else visits that beach.

too many clothes

Buy a dresser, you dumb dumb.

burgers are hard

Maybe it’s time to go back to baby food.

cleaning windows

This is her passion. That’s the sad part.

cake decoration

Planning is ha-

eating in the dark

If only her town had a restaurant.

slipper trouble

Security footage from moments before death.