’09 Chicago Comic Con: Final Thoughts

Well, I figure I don’t have much else to post about the Chicago Comic Con (except I did want to talk about an artist I got a cool Supergirl print from. If you’re reading this, I lost your card. Post a comment with your site so I can talk about you!), so here’s some final thoughts distilled in bullet points for the hard of thinking.

* Dear Tony Moore: I didn’t know that the Coheed and Cambria graphic novel I had Jacon give to you to sign was in such bad shape. I’m really not this weird. Matty’s van ruined it, I swear!

* It’s a real shame that DC and Marvel didn’t have booths. WTF is up with that?

* Speaking of which, how is it that Shocker Toys had a booth, but not Mattel or Hasbro, or hell any of the other toy makers aside from Shocker and Tonner. Don’t get me wrong, I liked seeing Shocker and Tonner there and I know there were a few other toy makers, but it’s just so strange to see nothing from the bigger companies.


* And man, I really need to get me a Dick Tracy figure from Shocker Toys. I know they had the black and whites available, but I need color action figures. I hope they make other old timey figures like this. Please Shocker do me a solid and make The Shadow? That Tick looks pretty damned good too.


* The Battlestar Galactica Q & A was not ruined by retarded fans (as they often are), but by the hot air escaping Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos.

* It was great meeting up with fellow Wumbers. Not that they read this blog, but it was still cool.


* Seeing Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame was cool, but I didn’t feel like paying for an autograph.

* Perhaps the worst nerd moment that I saw at the show was when a dealer had to explain to a troll that the Wonder Twins toys had been available at the San Diego Comic Con. The troll didn’t get that once the convention was over they weren’t being sold by Mattel because SDCC is over. Need I point how odd it is that this guy should have understood how this works because he’s at a fucking convention? Worse yet is after the dealer was done talking to the guy, he reached up and touched the breasts of the female Wonder Twin action figure.


* I don’t get the whole appeal of the Suicide Girls. I guess I’m too wholesome. I like more cute I suppose and less, “Hey I’m super alternative look at me.” Sorry, kids.


* Saturday was busy like Saturdays are at cons, but it was like a million degrees in some parts of the floor. I literally saw a guy in a stormtrooper costume have his armor melt off and a Ghostbuster burst into flames. Okay, I just made that up, but it was fucking hot.

*Finally on a personal note, it was really fun hanging out with my friend Bri-Bri. Dude knows how to look for cheap Star Trek figures. It was also cool to hang out with the rest of the group, like Jacon, Seaknigge, McFumunda, Breakfastkid, and J-Rod. We almost didn’t need a convention for having teh funs.

  • I’m surprised about the big toy and comic company representation. Perhaps Wizard World Chicago has just got to grow a bit more?

  • hahaha, oh man… me and James attempted to interview the SuicideGirls at VGXPO .. and… one didn’t even know the current year. We weren’t trying to insult them or anything, it just came up and it was sad and amusing. I need to find those recordings on my computer somewhere, we didn’t post any (audio) interviews we did. I need to check your other posts when I get home, I’m a fucking dork for cosplay of all kinds (I got http://www.megaconvention.com coming up next week, I can’t wait!)

  • Vincent

    It’s actually shrunk. They used to be there and they aren’t now. I think at one point the extra cafeteria area had artist alley or part of it, it was so big.

  • Emma

    The Tick! Is there an Arthur figure?

  • I think I’m the artist you bought the Supergirl print from :) Just checking out the site which is very cool by the way. THanks for leaving your card with me. And yes Saturday was insanely hot! Which is funny cause lat year it was so cold in that hall I had to bring a sweater. So weird.

    Here’s a copy of the Supergirl print I was selling at the show.

    Thanks again!

  • Actually there are many of us sg’s that are cute and have no tattoos you just have to give it a chance.

    Shere Suicide

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  • PrfktTear

    Was this a Wizard World event? They finally came back to Boston this year under the “New England Comic Con” moniker, but I couldn’t make it, sad part is that I was on a list for free admission.

    I should think that these events are big enough to warrant a Matty/Hasbro rep at each, I mean, if Shocka can get themselves out there. I don’t think they need to bring their entire DCUC/MOTUC arsenal, but certainly upcoming products, and give people a chance to kick Matty in the nuts get their picture with Matty.

    I’ve always been intrigued by the SG, for some its certainly a way of life. I love all women, inked & uninked, I think its not necessarily whether or not they have tats or not, but who they are. I know some gorgeous girls who have a ton of great work on them and I’d have no trouble taking ’em home to meet the parents. Myself, I’m a sucker for a half or quarter sleeve. Full sleeves can look nice, but they have to be done right.