Horror Month Day 1: Halloween

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Guest writer Peter Kuebeck’s favorite horror movie is Halloween:

John Carpenter's Halloween

I love Halloween – it ranks just below Christmas as a favorite holiday. I love how it takes place as the days are really starting to shorten. Halloween, you might say, prepares us for the darkness still to come.

And it’s with that in mind that I have to pick the original John Carpenter ‘Halloween’ as my favorite horror flick. I love Carpenter films – ‘The Fog’ and ‘Prince of Darkness’ are also big favorites – and while ‘Halloween’ might seem a vanilla choice, it’s a movie I routinely watch multiple times during October. It never ceases to give my a chill.

Why? Because unlike tales of the supernatural, which tend to be fairly straightforward, Michael Myers represents something different. He is the Grim Reaper himself. Unstoppable. Slow-moving but always growing inexorably closer. The scene in the film where Laurie – in broad daylight – glimpses him staring up at her from her yard, surrounded by laundry blowing on a clothesline, is absolutely chilling. Though Freddy Krueger may be a dream-invading ghost, and Jason a cleaver-wielding zombie, Michael Myers represents real fear. The ‘Boogeyman’ out in the darkness.

Halloween's Michael Myers

And that’s what Halloween – the holiday – is really about, isn’t it?

Stay Puft Marshmallow Bank! And a Slimer One Too!


Team Peter takes on Stay Puft.

During the legendary Ghostbusters Week we ran a fairly popular contest giving away from cool Ghostbusters stuff from Diamond Select Toys. Well, I got my hands on a couple of items from Diamond Select, so it’s review time!

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Friday Round Up: What’s Old is New Again!

Welcome back fans of Friday Round Up! We’ve got a hand picked pile of geek related news and info to complete your week. I dug up some older stuff that I forgot about, but it’s still gold!

Toy Stuff


Hot Toys Does Han and Chewie: One of the big toy news items this week was Hot Toys doing a version of Han Solo and Chewie (some sites erroneously reporting that it’s their first Star Wars figures). Chewbacca looks fucking amazing. Too bad I don’t have the money for him. Han is a big failure in the face department. It’s so disappointing that Hot Toys can sculpt faces that look amazingly life like, but miss the boat on Han. He looks like a close relative. Or a stunt double. Harrison Ford has historically had a hard face to sculpt and even the mighty Hot Toys have fallen victim.


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Insane Star Wars Covers #4: Chewie Loves Lando

insane star wars covers 4

THIS is how the Star Wars comic ended? I admit that there are stars but not much in the way of war. The only conflict might be that one grey alien on the right that looks angry. My observations:

  1. Lando is SMOKING on the cover
  2. After 107 issues, the comic still couldn’t figure out how to draw Chewbacca correctly
  3. Luke is wayyy too into that R2 unit
  4. That R2 unit doesn’t look like R2-D2
  5. And it’s facing the wrong way
  6. Han is staring somewhere different than everyone else – even not being Harrison Ford, he still wants to be elsewhere

5 Bizarre Failed Kickstarter Fan Film Projects

Kickstarter fail logo

Fan fiction can be fun to write and fun to read. But it’s also important to understand the limits. Writing a short story is a helpful exercise and a short investment of time for both the writer and reader. Expanding that to epic lengths when you don’t own the property and can’t legally recoup any money for that investment starts making a lot less sense. Sometimes someone falls so in love with their idea, they want to push it through and make it a reality. That’s where the relatively new business model of crowdfunding comes in. No real barriers to entry means that anyone with an idea can at least propose it and hope that it catches the public’s interest. Then they pay and get what you’re making. A win win all around. Fan fiction crowdfunding projects pretty much always fail. Here’s some examples on why.

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Star Trek Problems: No Respect, I Tell Ya

I always said I’d do more if I had an idea that struck my fancy. So here’s one. Click it to see the bigger version.


Friday Round Up: Let’s Get Personal

What? A Classic Style Friday Round Up?! Yep, it’s 100% true. And today’s Round Up will be a little different in that there’s some geek pop culture stuff, but a little more personal stuff sprinkled in. Hope you enjoy!

Movie Stuff


Deadpool: It looks like all the positive buzz generated by the leaked Deadpool test footage paid off. Fox has announced that they’re moving ahead with a Deadpool movie. This could be a really fun movie. Or a total shit storm. Let’s hope for a total fun storm.


The Official Millennium Falcon Footage: There was some footage released of the Millennium Falcon that will be appearing in Star Wars 7. It’s cool seeing it and all, but it doesn’t super fire me up like it has for other people. I want to know if the movie will be any good. Oh yeah, and there’s a Batman toy that’s a part of the Falcon, because why not?

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Rock Band has Played Its Final Note

Big Bang Theory playing Rock Band

Pop culture embraced Rock Band, briefly

At one point, Rock Band was a powerhouse video game franchise that seemed like it would never end. In addition to its physical games it sported a robust catalog of music players could download from classic rock to pop hits of the day to indie releases. Today, after four years of that downloadable content (DLC) and over 2,000 songs the Rock Band Network has officially ended, according to game developer Harmonix. But how did a game that was the third highest brand, trailing Guitar Hero and the Super Mario series, with $662M in total sales and 5.3 million copies of the game sold in 2008 alone just… fade out? Below, we’ll take a look at the rise and fall of Rock Band and the rhythm game phenomenon.

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Ten Strangest Licensed Cereal Mascots

Disney's Mud & Bugs Cereal

Yesterday I gave you ten of the weirdest cereal mascots ever. But there have been literally hundreds of cereals so there’s also a strange subset of cereals that are based on an existing property. There’s been Nintendo cereal (half is Super Mario, half is Zelda), C-3POs, Gremlins… the list goes on. But some of the properties that have been tied into the cereal are just bizarre. Here are the ten strangest.

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The 10 Weirdest Cereal Mascots


Breakfast cereal is awesome. As a kid, my mom wouldn’t let my sister and I have “sugar cereals” so we only had Rice Krispies and Cheerios. That meant that once I became an adult, cereal could be for dinner too because they taste so good! We’re all familiar with the Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun and more. Some of us may remember the mascots of the past like Honey Bear, Fred Flintstone or even Ice Cream Jones. And we may have even seen some of the old fashioned mascots of the past – simpler versions of Tony the Tiger or the fairly racist So-Hi and her Rice Krinkles. But some mascots came and went very quickly, probably because their concept was just too weird or complex to understand. Here’s a list of the 10 that we found the weirdest.

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