Friday Round Up: Be the Ape You Were Born to Be

If you watched the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, you may be familiar with filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and how he liked to collaborate with the late Jean Giraud aka Moebius. After their work on Dune fell apart they began making comic books, starting with The Incal. In the 80s, Heavy Metal magazine considered making it into a feature-length animated movie but ultimately only created a trailer which you can now watch above. Trippy.

Read on for news on Riddick, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Iron Fist, Lost in Space, why the Hobbit movies sucked and a chance to be an ape in the next Planet of the Apes movie.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 Edition!

Thanksgiving Lady and a Turkey

It’s a sometimes Thanksgiving tradition at Robot’s Pajamas to write a special post outlining what I’m thankful for. Because everyone cares about what I think. Still, it’s a fun post to do so let’s get to it!

1. Being home drunk on a Thursday: I started a tradition of hanging out at home, getting drunk, and not seeing other people on Thanksgiving a few years ago. It’s amazing. Everyone should do it. You’ll be really thankful you can get drunk at home on a Thursday without having deal with anyone. Of course, this doesn’t work if you had kids, but that’s your own dumb fault.

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Breakdown

We didn’t even realize we were due for a Captain America: Civil War trailer. These days it seems like we get teasers that a trailer is coming out. Anyway, it debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night and stunned the Robot’s Pajamas crew. Yes, it has a lot of Marvel characters in it. But the trailer focuses squarely on Steve Rogers and his goal to protect his friend, Bucky, who he rescued from being the mind controlled assassin Winter Soldier in the last film. Guess there are repercussions to being an assassin, though.

Also, the collateral damage the Avengers are racking up seems to have brought the government attention down on them and apparently Cap doesn’t necessarily agree with that for some reason. We’ve got the trailer screencapped so we can try to make sense of it all. Join us (Vincent and Chris) as we break it down.

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Star Trek Voyager Torture: Meld (Season 2 Episode 32)


Today’s Voyager Torture was… spoiler! Much less torturous than usual. In fact, I would call it good! The episode opens up fairly unpromising with Paris and Kim in the holodeck playing pool. Of all the things they can do, they keep going to play pool. Yeah, pool is fun, but you could doing something much cooler like living in Star Wars instead of Star Trek in your off hours. Anyway, this conversation is boring and it something to do with betting ration credits. Onto the important stuff!

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Jessica Jones Easter Eggs and References Episode by Episode

captain america kid on jessica jones

A kid in a Captain America suit runs through the park on Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones‘ 13 episodes all debuted on Netflix this past Friday. It was very noir, very loyal to the character from Alias (the comic book) and The Pulse and absolutely set in the same world as Avengers and Daredevil. If you haven’t seen all the episodes, you probably want to avoid spoilers. So I’ve listed any easter eggs or subtle references in chronological order. So you can read the below list up until whichever episode you’ve seen if you want to duck out without ruining anything. But overall, I’m not going to be talking about the plot or character arcs. Just the background references to other Marvel movies or mentions of stuff from the comics that you could miss if you blink.

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Book Report: Star Trek Child of Two Worlds


Star Trek: A Child of Two Worlds by Greg Cox

I’m not a big Star Trek book reader, at least as far as books that take place in the world of Star Trek go. I’m more into Trek books that detail the behind the scenes stuff, or pretend guides to technology, or humor related (like Warped available at bookstores now!). I’ve only read one book that took place in the Star Trek universe before and I reviewed it on this very site, Probe. Man did that suck. The only way I’d normally pick up a book like A Child of Two Worlds would be like this: I’m about to get onto an airplane and I’m in the book shop. My choices narrow down to a popular political thriller, a pre-teen book about youth rebelling in an oppressive sci-fi society, or a book with a picture of Spock on it. I’d pick the Spock book, because I’m familiar with Spock and I like Spock.

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Friday Round Up: What’s in YOUR Wallet?

Here’s the trailer for a Netflix original that comes out early next month, A Very Murray Christmas. I have high hopes that it could end up becoming an annual watch. I love Bill Murray. The premise is that he is about to host a Christmas special when the power goes out or something and shuts down the live show. So he decides to sing and dance with a bunch of celebrities and hotel staff and guests that are stuck in New York’s Carlyle hotel with him. Simple, but could be a lot of fun.

Read on for news on the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and its new host, Dark Tower and Alien news, huge comics news, Arrow and Flash stuff, and a lot more.

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My Crazy Theory on Who Zoom is on CW’s Flash

zoom on flash

Season two of Flash has an ongoing mystery: who is Zoom? We know that Zoom is a speedster from Earth-2 and that he’s sending supervillains into Earth-1 to kill their duplicates and to kill Barry Allen. But why? And who is under that mask? Well, I have a weird theory after the episode last week. It’s spoilery if you’re not up to date, but also I admit that the guess could very easily be wrong so it probably isn’t a spoiler at all. Your call on whether to read on.

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Transformers: Victory Episode 30 Recap – “The Tide Is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification”


Transforming into a boat is the most useless thing ever.

It’s been almost a year since recapping the last episode. I needed a break. But we’re back and after this episode there are only 6 left in the season. We’re in the final stretch. Just to catch you up, this is the third season of Transformers made in Japan, which continued from the U.S. cartoon. One difference is that the subtitles will call Autobots “Cybertrons” and Decepticons “Destrons.” No big deal.

So the episode starts with Wingwaver running (why not fly?) and checking a watch of some sort on his wrist. Then two of his fellow Multiforce buddies arrive and all four of the Rescue Patrol. And he’s like, “Yup, we all arrived just in time.” And they’re in the middle of the desert in India. Then they stand around wondering what to do. Their leader, Star Saber apparently just told them to show up somewhere fast but didn’t bother to tell them why. Also? I kind of love how useless Seawatch is. Everyone else raced there in their vehicle form but Seawatch is a boat, so he had to just run as a robot. And if you think Seawatch is a bad name, keep in mind that the Japanese translation just calls him Boater. Then again, he kept pace with everyone so maybe there’s no real advantage to turning into a car.

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Clone Wars Episode 1 Recap – “Ambush”

Hi, I’m Pete, and you may know me as That Guy Who Talks Too Much About Flash Paradoxes, and also as That Guy Who Talks Too Much About Flash Paradoxes Two: Paradox Harder. Well, I have another incredibly personal detail to share: I’m also a fan of Star Wars! Despite this, I’ve never watched the Clone Wars TV show (the long-running CGI one, that is – no one shares my love of the Genndy Tartakovsky version) I mean, I tried. I watched that opening movie with the baby Hutt, but found myself incredibly bored with it throughout. So, I let the show slide by, assuming it wasn’t for me.

I kept hearing about it, though. It kept getting great reviews, and the buzz continued even after it wrapped earlier this year. By then, Episode VII was looming near, and so between that and the entire series being on Netflix, I figured, what the hey? I’ll give the whole thing another go, and report back from the front lines. This is…

Clone Wars Correspondence logo

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