Friday Round Up: What Washed Up This Week?

Here’s a trailer for an upcoming comedy by Seth Rogen. It looks weird and maybe fun. Anyway, it’s a really light week. There weren’t any real controversies in the world of sci-fi, toys, comics, and so on. And only a little bit of news. We have some tidbits about Marvel, Game of Thrones, X-Files, and Star Wars. Enjoy!

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Netflix New Releases for August 2015 – Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Synopses

Rev Ron Netflix New Releases

Stick a fork in July because it is done and it’s time to rip open August!  And when a new month arrives and having that new month smell, it’s time to slack back on the couch and take in all the new streaming movies and TV shows that Netflix is tossing out to us.  Now, if you can pull yourself away from binging on the Wet Hot American Summer series or the new season of BoJack Horseman  you can waste your day away with these…

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Tracking Steven Seagal’s Increasingly Lazy Fight Scenes

Steven Seagal is unintentionally hilarious. Above is how he runs, which is just strange. He flaps his hands and doesn’t pump his arms so much as allow them to wiggle back and forth like vestigial wings. Seagal wants to play the hero but his “heroes” always end up being guys that fight with an absolute brutality that rivals and cinematic villain. He breaks bones and kills his opponents with no regard to the devastation he causes. The best analysis of this may actually come from Run the Jewels, who are big fans of Seagal. But what’s even funnier is watching him get fatter and lazier as his career continued. At first he seemed fast and fought in a new way with his Aikido skills. But fast forward to today and a surprising number of his fights literally take place while he’s sitting. Let’s track his “progress” as a martial arts movie hero.

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Working Lego Exosuit

Danny Benedettelli built a wearable exosuit that controls a Lego robot. It may not quite by the neural network that the characters in Pacific Rim utilize but the result is the same. Benedetelli began his work on what he calls the Cyclops Project 4 years ago. The little jaegar is controlled through a bluetooth relay from the wearable harness, an Android app of Benedetelli’s own design, and Lego Mindstorms NXT hardware. I wonder how big a robot could be built using the same technology? Benedetelli has downloadable instructions on his site to build a Wall-E robot, Chappie robot head and more, using the Mindstorms set.

5 Terrifying Motels You Would Never Want to Visit

scary hotel

Forget supposedly haunted hotels and motels. Let’s just look at the ideas where the creep factor is off the charts for real reasons. Bad ideas plus the middle of nowhere seem to end up creating a themed place to stay that is ripe for disease or violence. I think most people would prefer to sleep in their car over any of these joints. Let me know if you agree.

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Terrible Idea: Battle Cat Mounted Trophy Head

battle cat mounted head

Super 7 came up with this super depressing idea: He-Man’s Battle Cat as a mounted trophy. Terrible timing as authorities seek out dentist Walter Palmer for allegedly illegally killing the famous Zimbabwe lion Cecil. But also? Just a really bad idea in general. Oh, and it costs $8,500!

Inventor Spends 10 Years Creating a Remote Control Transformer

An engineer in Japan has spent 10 years developing a Transformer that can transform from car to robot and back on its own. The video is above. It’s pretty amazing. It’s all remote controlled and it can walk, pivot, throw its arm up in victory and flick missiles out of each arm. The car transforms into a standing robot all on its own. It’s really amazing.

Hey, do you want one? You want one, right? Well guess what? He’ll make you one. It takes about a month to build and costs… $24,000. Damn. Sure is beautiful, though!

10 MORE of Hulk Hogan’s Embarrassing Ventures

pastamania today

Hulk Hogan has had better days. He’s divorced and clearly lost a lot of money in it. He’s been caught on camera going on a racist tirade, bringing up all sorts of questionable past outbursts. And he’ll put his name on anything that pays. To be fair, he has a history of doing that. Below are some of the more questionable ad ideas or lame products he’s associated himself with. If you enjoy it, you can read about 10 complete failures he’s had marketing his name or likeness on products in the past.

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The Worst Decisions of Cartoon Hero Leaders

optimus prime thinking

The heroes of the cartoons we grew up with are generally pillars of bravery, humanity and leadership. Optimus Prime, He-Man, Lion-O and more would frequently save the day with their strength and wits. But no one is perfect. Every once in a while, each of these heroes would make a boneheaded choice so stunningly stupid, you could lose your faith in the very idea of a hero and fall into an abyss of despair. Or maybe you just realized that writers sometimes made arbitrary choices to move a story along and you were keenly aware that it’s all just a story designed to sell toys. Either way, here’s the stupidest decisions by those heroes and more.

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Snack Report: Hostess Mini Cherry Pies


Amazing. Life Affirming. Heavenly. These are words most often used to describe sexual intercourse with me, but they are also words one could use when consuming a Hostess Fruit Pie.

As I’ve mentioned before they are an extreme sometimes food, since they weigh in at 479 calories and I’m on a cutting regime right now. No, I’m not dieting like some sort of delicate flower. I’m cutting! Anyway, Hostess came out with these mini fruit pies to make it easier on people like me who want the joys of a fruit pie, but not all the shame and guilt that comes along with eating one.

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