Star Trek Problems: Worf’s Side Adventure

Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Week

It’s our last day of Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme Week. Here’s one last Star Trek Problems. It’s how we think things went down right after the First Contact movie where Worf hung out with his old Next Gen pals and then went back to work at Deep Space 9.

Star Trek Problems 87 Worf's Side Adventure

Friday Round Up: Tres Mal

If you watch much YouTube, you probably have heard of or seen stuff by the Fine Bros. They are best known for making “React” videos where they show, say, an original Nintendo to teenagers and tape them reacting to it. It’s slickly produced and frequently entertaining. They have a massive subscriber base and have become very rich from making these. This week, they seem to have gone too far by proposing “React World” and telling people they could license the right to make reaction videos from them. As in, people could take their time and effort to record and edit someone reacting to something and then pay the Fine Bros. for the privilege of doing so. They also tried to trademark the word “react.” Um, what? While they own their format, how in the world can they claim to own an entire genre of people reacting to things? This went down very very very poorly. Attorney Ryan Morrison, also known as VideoGameAttorney, is actively working to fight the trademark.

That wasn’t the only controversy this week. France’s annual week-long comics festival, Angoulême, had its fair share of problems. And the Power Rangers movie cast a white actress in a role previously played by an Asian. But is it a big deal? We also have a ton of fun stuff from Twin Peaks to X-Files to superhero crossovers. And also the return of a popular Star Wars character thought to be gone!

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Playing the Star Trek: The Next Generation VCR Game

Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Week

In 1995, Star Trek: The Next Generation had ended its TV run a year ago and VHS tapes had about 2 years left before DVD was introduced and quickly took over. So it was probably not a great time to release Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Interactive VCR Board Game, AKA “A Klingon Challenge.” A lot about the game seems phoned in, from the title to the fact that exactly zero cast members appear on the VHS tape (Jonathan Frakes does a quick voiceover as Commander Riker to explain that the ship is getting repairs and is empty). I found the game recently for $5 and expected a shitshow of a gaming experience. So I was stunned to learn that my friends and I actually had a total blast playing the game. It’s fast-paced, chaotic and crazy. It expects you to use stickers. A LOT of stickers. And it claims that it never plays the same way twice. That’s… debatable.

Star Trek The Next Generation VCR Board Game

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Guess the Connection… 6 Bad Movies

movie theater

Death Wish 3 (1985), Jagged Edge (1985), When Nature Calls (1985), Rent Control (1984), The Supernaturals (1986), The Cover Girl and the Cop (1989) and Lifeforce (1985). What do all these films have in common? That was the question Chris presented to me a few weeks ago. He presented me with the challenge of watching all these obscure films, reviewing them and figuring out what their common factor is. Come on, this will be fun. How hard can it be?

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Star Trek Problems: Side Effects May Include

Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Week

Day 4 of our week long Star Trek Problems marathon. Today we analyze the possible side effects of all that transporting these guys do.

Star Trek Problems 88 Side Effects

The Prime Directive Is Crap


I’m a real on-and-off Star Trek fan. When I’m really into it, I’m REALLY into it. Then I can go for long stretches where I really don’t think about Star Trek. Just recently I’ve been on a Star Trek upswing which culminated in watching all seven seasons of Star Trek the Next Generation. Aside from all the joy it brought me (and all the anger at how bad the last season was), I realized that the Prime Directive is crap.


Kirk about to out talk a computer again.

If you aren’t a Star Trek fan, the Prime Directive was introduced in the original series, but wasn’t really super enforced until The Next Generation. The basic idea was: “We can’t mess with another civilization just because we think we know better.” I’m sure a rule like that had to be put in place because guys like Kirk seemed obsessed with fucking with every society he came into contact with. In fact, Kirk destroyed roughly 17 society controlling computers (only about 2 in the series, but 15 in my fan fiction stories).

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Ranking the Star Trek Uniforms

starfleet uniforms

Across all the Star Trek movies and shows, there have been many uniforms. Some of them are functional, some look flattering, and some absolutely stink. Looking at all the movies and TV shows, let’s list them from best to worst. We’re skipping near variations that only appear in an episode or two, or formal dress uniforms. Just the main uniforms worn. Commentary by Chris AND Vincent, those two bastions of fashion.

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Star Trek Problems: Staff Meeting Dangers

Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Week

Day 3 of a Star Trek Problems comic each day of the week. Today we address what happens when Captain Picard brings his senior staff into a meeting.

Star Trek Problems 84 senior staff meeting

Star Trek: The Next Generation Introduced the Shared Universe Concept

Star Trek The Next Generation Theme Week

Currently, the most popular idea for building a hit franchise is using the shared universe concept. It’s been most successful with Marvel’s movies that cross through one another. It’s not exactly a spinoff or a sequel. Captain America, Thor and Ant-Man all have their own stories going on. But supporting characters, businesses, world events and other elements can cross over with one another or they can all meet up in movies like Avengers or Captain America: Civil War. It seems to reinforce its own popularity and the movies can come out two to three times a year so it’s easier for the audience to stay familiar with the concepts and characters. DC and Star Wars are working on attempting this idea. And it’s existed within comic books forever. But for live-action entertainment, I would argue that it was Star Trek: The Next Generation that popularized the concept and potential of the shared universe.

picard kirk

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The Strangest Star Trek: The Next Generation Merchandise

Star Trek Phone

“Hello? Yes, one moment, I just stabbed myself in the face with my Enterprise phone. I can’t figure out how to hold it.”

Star Trek will put their license on almost anything. But toys, figures, replica props, clothes? I get that. It’s when the license goes to a product that has nothing to do with sci-fi or Star Trek or there’s an overall lack of quality that they end up on this list. Here’s ten strange merchandize items that I was able to easily find with a little online shopping. I’d love to have included the above phone because it looks so unwieldy. But it’s based on the Original Series. So it just goes at the top of the article as a teaser. Are you teased enough? Then let’s move on.

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