The History of Italian Sequels to U.S. Horror Movies

david hasselhoff in la casa 4

Here in the U.S., if you want to make your own Batman sequel, you’re gonna get sued. But for some reason, Italy has a history of making sequels to popular U.S. horror movies and getting away with it. Maybe it has to do with the film titles being translated into another language or maybe it’s just never been worth protecting horror movies like it would be to protect an intellectual property along the lines of Mickey Mouse. For whatever reason, Italy has made several sequels to some U.S. movies and following is a brief summary of those movies, from Dawn of the Dead to Jaws and stuff in between, and how they got made.

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Friday Round Up: Pokemon Danger and JPEGs Going for Big Money

In the comics, Batman is well known for his “no killing” rule. He sticks to it no matter what, even when Joker pushes him to the edge. The movie versions of Batman? Not so much. Above is a pretty funny supercut of all the people Batman murders in the various movies. Just something light before we jump into the weekly controversies and big news in our world. Lots of comics news, Pokemon players arrested before they could murder fellow convention-goers, strange movie rating decisions and JPEGs that people are willing to pay up to $225 for and why. Fun week of news, so let’s dig in!

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Star Trek Voyager Torture: Alliances (Season 2 Episode 30)


Star Trek Voyager Under Attack

I must be watching the wrong show. This is exciting.

This episode of Star Trek Voyager is off to a great start with the Voyager under attack in a space battle and they’re damaged as hell. One no-name in engineering is really hurt, because his console exploded. You’d think they’d have thought of a work around for that by the time they designed the Voyager. A simple fuse seems more efficient than exploding a computer in someone’s face. Anyway, there’s lots of people hurt and tons of damage. There must be something wrong… this is exciting!

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Actors Who have Played Multiple Marvel Comics Characters

idris elba and donal logue in marvel movies

Superhero movies are almost a genre unto themselves at this point. We’re so far beyond the mid-90s when comic fans were starved for adaptations of comic book characters and we’d try stuff like The Phantom or Batman and Robin just to see how close it would be to the source material. But unlike DC Comics or indie book adaptations, Marvel had to sell off the film rights to some of their characters so multiple studios have adapated their books. In turn, this means that some actors have portrayed more than one character from Marvel comics. Let’s take a look at those actors and compare how similar their characters look, in images from the original comics. One note: both Donal Logue and Idris Elba have appeared as different characters in Marvel movies but each originally played a character that did not exist in the comics and was original to the movies. So there is no comparison for Blade‘s Quinn to Ghost Rider‘s Mack or Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance‘s Moreau to Thor‘s Heimdall.

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Realistic Star Wars: Obi Wan’s Questionable Judgement

Obi Wan gives Luke a lightsaber and Luke instantly plays around with it

Thanks to Phil for the colors.

The Craziest Banned TV Episodes of Children’s Shows

bugs bunny racist

There have been all sorts of reasons to ban episodes of TV shows that have been fully produced – maybe they’re offensive, perhaps they infringe on other copyrights. Sometimes they even infringe on legitimate health concerns. Sometimes these episodes weren’t allowed to originally air. Most of the time they were only allowed to air once and never shown again in reruns or syndication. Sometimes the episodes were edited. Below are eleven examples of kids’ TV show episodes that have become banned at one time or another, ranging from classic Warner Bros. to imported shows from abroad to basic cable tween shows and anything in between.

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Friday Round Up: Let’s All Overreact

I’ve never been disappointed by a Quentin Tarantino-directed movie and Hateful Eight looks to keep that streak alive. What a cool idea for a Western – having all sorts of shady characters hole up in a cabin during a storm and one of them isn’t what they seem. Along with the always-welcome presence of Kurt Russell, I couldn’t help but think of it as a Western version of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Okay, this week has your bite-size recaps/links for the biggest news in the genre world. Target removing gender-based signs in the toy aisle. Star Wars news. Arrow and Flash news. Jason Voorhees on weekly TV? All sorts of fun stuff. You’ll like it.

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Rev. Ron’s Bite Size Review of “Fantastic Four.”

fantastic four banner

When the most exciting thing a poster does is brag about some other movies the studio has put out, you’re in trouble.

What is it?  Fox’s latest adaptation of Marvel’s first family directed by Chronicle director Josh Trank.

What’s it about?  Super intelligent Reed Richards finds out how to teleport to another dimension but during the trip his teammates; Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm and Victor Von Doom, are blasted by an unknown source of energy that gives them powers.  Reed wants to figure out how to cure them but Victor Von Doom wants to use his power to destroy the Earth.

Who is in it?  Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell, Reg E. Cathy and Tim Blake Nelson…also Tim Heidecker for some reason.

Wanna grab a bite to eat?  Sure.  How’s pizza sound?

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Webcomics Wednesday: The 9 Lives of Garfield

Garfield Cover

My friend Jason Rodriguez is a writer and editor of comic books (Colonial Comics, Try Looking Ahead, Once Upon a Time Machine). What he is not is a cartoonist. But when we began a conversation about how bland and repetitive Garfield is, Jason was inspired to draw a few strips about Garfield’s tropes coming back to do him in. He filled his strips with ennui and philosophical ideas. They contrast with Garfield’s dumb jokes in a way that I adore. Eventually, Jason completed 10 strips and dubbed them the Nine Lives of Garfield. Here they are all in one place for the first time.

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Friday Round Up: A Week of Controversy

We have not just the important news of the week in digest form, we have the nerdy controversies of the week. The reviews for Fantastic Four. The Gamergate movie. Kermit and Miss Piggy breaking up. Dinklage’s work on Destiny redone. Black Widow absent from Age of Ultron. So we decided to start with something fun, the above video. Chris Farley’s last film role was Shrek the ogre. He had recorded half the movie when he died at age 33 from an overdose. The movie was rewritten for Mike Myers as Shrek (twice actually, when he decided he wanted to do a different voice). Farley’s character was more of a teen ogre that wanted to be nice unlike his parents. His work has never been heard before but this week the above animatics leaked. It’s really interesting to hear this much different take.

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