Friday Round Up: San Diego Comic Con 2014 Edition

Howdy Folks! We have another fine round of Friday Round Up to stuff in your big fat geek pie holes! This week there’s a little more toy coverage than usual thanks to the San Diego Comic Con or SDCC happening right this second (if you’re reading this while it’s still going on, which you might be). I compiled some of the most noteworthy stuff from the show that I could before I had to hit the old schedule button… so if I missed anything huge you know why.

Music Stuff


Weird Al Wins Again: Weird Al once again came out of hibernation and released an album… and even better it topped the charts. I’ve never been a Weird Al ultra fan, but I do love the guy and think he’s hilarious. I love his appearances on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang and I’m extremely happy that he’s yet again on top.

The other day someone on Twitter asked why he was trying to be relevant again, since he’s been in obscurity since the 80s. I immediatly unfollowed them. I don’t need that kind of Weird Al negativity in my life. Furthermore, Weird Al has been successful throughout the decades. It seems like he has at least one huge hit per decade. He’s like a magical ground hog of hilarity.

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Dusting off the Dice with D&D 5th (Next) Edition!


The new fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons comes at a critical time for the D&D brand. After a successful and acclaimed run with the 3/3.5 Edition starting in 2000, the 4th edition arrived in 2008 to decidedly mixed reviews. While many enjoyed the cleaned-up mechanics and simplified adventure creation available in 4e, many more found the game’s newfound focus on tactics and simplicity over roleplaying and overall flavor to be a turnoff – I’ve heard from a number of people who simply quit playing D&D because of the radical shift in rules.

But, while 4e was a clear attempt by the folks at Wizards of the Coast to try and bring in players more familiar with online MMORPGs (some reviewers took 4e to task for being too much like a video game, with a design aesthetic mimicking World of Warcraft), 5e premiers in a decidedly different gaming environment.

MMORPGs are no longer the major force they once were, and tabletop gaming has seen a massive renaissance. While in 2008 D&D essentially stood supreme among pen-and-paper RPGs, in 2014 that’s no longer the case. The advent of Kickstarter has brought numerous other games to the fore, and tabletop RPGers have many other ways to roll the dice: Savage Worlds, FATE Core, Numenera, 13th Age, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and the massively popular Pathfinder (which, by some accounts, has eclipsed D&D in sales) to name just a few.

The question then becomes: Can D&D make itself stand out again at the world’s preeminent RPG?

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Where Are The Nowhere Men?

Today’s post takes a bit of a departure from the usual stuff found here. I’m lucky enough to know
Nate Bellegarde who happens to be a very talented comic book artist. Nate is the artist behind Nowhere Men, a comic that was gaining a lot of traction, but also very late. He decided to explain why and he reveals his issues with depression. Hopefully by sharing this it might help someone else out who is suffering the same afflictions

I’ve presented his essayhere in it’s entirety, but you can also go to the original found on Google Docs here. Oh yeah, and here’s his Twitter.


Where are the Nowhere Men?

On December 12, 2003, Will Eisner gave a talk at Umass Amherst and I drew this while seated in the auditorium. I don’t know why I felt the impulse to draw him, but I did. I was able to come earlier in the day and meet him because my girlfriend at the time knew whoever had organized the engagement. I shook his hand and told him how great it was to meet him and he signed my 2001 reprint of A Contract with God. It felt significant.

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Transformers: Victory Episode 25 Recap – “A Deadly Battle”

Operation. Fun game.

Operation. Fun game.

Last episode ended with the Decepticons luring the Autobots into an obvious trap and beating up on Star Saber. They also mauled Blacker, severely damaging his arm and leg. This episode? The Autobots basically fall for the same thing twice in a row. But first, we catch up with the Autobots licking their wounds back at their Shuttle Base. For reasons I’m sure no one can fathom, they’ve bandaged Blacker up with gauze and seem to be letting the Rescue Patrol micromaster team play Operation on him.

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Rev. Ron’s Bite-Size Review of “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.”


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

What is it?

The sequel to the rebooted origin of Planet of the Apes.

Who’s in it?


Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell

What is it about?

10 years have passed since the last film and mankind is slowly going extinct as apekind is thriving. However, after the two societies accidentally come in contact with each other, All Hell gets in the queue to release itself with War close behind.  The Kraken, however, won’t be released because that joke is now ancient by the Internet’s standards.

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Voyager Torture: Parturition (Episode 23 Season 2)


Voyager Torture features Vincent reviewing an episode of Star Trek Voyager that he’s seen for the first time and Chris Piers drawing an image based on that episode that he’s never seen.

Its been a couple of weeks since I watched Star Trek Voyager. It was a nice break… but back to work. And the episode I come back to features Neelix. Argh!

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Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff Part 3

Welcome folks to another round of cool collectibles that you can actually purchase. I got a lot of cool stuff this round including Starcom, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe stuff!

If you want any of this amazing stuff, please send an email to RobotsPajamas[at]gmail[dot]com and I can send you a Paypal invoice. Free shipping is for Continental U.S. only.

This stuff will only be available for direct sale for about a week. Act quickly! It will go on eBay if it doesn’t sell here. Oh yeah, you can check out my current eBay offerings here.

Remember: When you order direct from me you get cool bonus stuff like post cards, trading cards, and occasional special pack in.

G.I. Joe Cobra Glider


Fans of G.I. Joe and especially fans of the G.I. Joe cartoon will remember the gliders. The original were made of Styrofoam and were so fragile that they’re worth a fortune now. This one is a fan remake that’s more preportional. It won’t fly, but it sure looks damned cool.


Price: 15.00 + Shipping

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Transformers: Victory Episode 24 Recap – “Crisis! Ambush in the Desert”

When the mood strikes you, visit a new planet.

When the mood strikes you, visit a new planet.

Greatshot, who’s sort of an asshole Autobot that grudgingly follows orders but mostly prefers to be left alone, decides to visit Earth. No explanation why, sorry. But please, read on for an episode featuring limbs being blown off, dead robot families, and of course, lots of foam sprayed in faces for giggles.

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Dinosaur Toy Vault: Buy My Stuff!

Hey folks, guess what? I need help getting rid of my cool toys and collectibles and you can help. Here’s another post listing stuff that I have for sale. If you buy it direct from me you’ll get some free stuff in your order. If this stuff doesn’t sell it’ll go to eBay and nobody wants that.

If you want any of this amazing stuff, please send an email to RobotsPajamas[at]gmail[dot]com and I can get you a shipping quote.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Pack


Check this out! Items for your TMNT themed party! Cups, plates, napkins, and a tablecloth! It’s all sealed. Either throw a party or keep it sealed for an impressive and cool item for your collection.

I love the peripheral licensed merch of beloved properties so much. That’s why this was an instant buy. I got this, a Batman one, and an Alf one at the same time. I like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but they’re not in my top tier stuff to collect, so it’s got to go to a home where it’ll be appreciated more.

Price: Make me an offer.

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FRU: Wrapping Up Transformers Week & Sundry Other Items


Welcome to the Friday Round Up for Transformers Week. It’s only fitting that we include links to all the cool Transformers stuff we couldn’t find time to write about this week. But don’t worry, we have all the important nerd culture news of the week here, too!

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